Sneak Peek at the Next-Generation Lexus IS

Taiwan tabloid Apple Daily has published a previously-unseen cutaway image of the next-generation Lexus IS:

Next-Generation Lexus IS Cutaway Image

Most visible in the image is the front & rear suspension, however it’s possible to see some details of the IS front-end design — let’s zoom in a bit:

Lexus IS Front End Zoomed In Next-Generation

There are three elements that jump out at me:

  • The front grille looks near-identical to the LF-CC design.
  • It doesn’t appear the IS has a bumper dividing the upper & lower grille — or at least not in the same position as the camouflaged mules seen late last year.
  • The headlight and bumper design looks VERY muscular.

There’s even better news — this should be our final sneak peek at the next-generation IS sedan, as the Lexus UK blog has announced that photos will be released tomorrow afternoon.

[Source: Apple Daily] (Thanks Ricardo!)