Lexus to Debut Luxury Minivan at Shanghai Motor Show?

Lexus Minivan Face
Lexus China has revealed that a new vehicle will debut at the Shanghai Motor Show next month. The announcement was accompanied by this teaser image, presented here in full resolution:

Lexus Minivan Full

The immediate thought would be an update to the RX crossover, but shortly after China’s announcement, Lexus Taiwan posted the following message on Facebook (translated):


How does Lexus jump off the limits of transportation? When the vehicle is upgraded to personal private space…for her, you can have more imagination.

That will be the present.

“Luxury of Space”. “Personal private space.” This is the kind of language used in Asian markets to sell….minivans.

Lexus is making a minivan.

Judging from the lack of announcements from other Lexus regions, this is a model that will likely be limited to China and Southeast Asia for its initial launch. This makes sense, as the popularity of minivans in these markets has grown exponentially, where they are viewed as a high-end luxury vehicle.

(This would also explain why Lexus trademarked LM 350 & LM 300h last year, as it’s most literal translation is “Luxury Minivan”.)

There’s so much to unpack here, and it’s going to require some time to process. But we have to start up the conversation — how do you feel about Lexus making a minivan?