Lexus Now the Third Most Sought-After Luxury Automotive Brand in China

Lexus China

According to the World Luxury Index China 2013 report, Lexus has leapfrogged Mercedes Benz to become the third most sought-after luxury automotive brand in China:

Audi (#1) and BMW (#2) maintain their leadership position in the luxury car segment. Lexus (in 3rd place), breaks the German trio, moving ahead of Mercedes (now 4th).

These results may explain Lexus’ decision to grow slowly in China, and may also say something about exclusivity — Lexus only had 99 Chinese dealers in 2012, while Mercedes-Benz, for example, had 262. As another point of comparison, Lexus sold 64,000 cars in China last year, whereas BMW sold 324,000 over the same period.

Lexus is sixth overall in the study, well ahead of other car brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, & Ferrari.

Read the World Luxury Index China 2013


  1. Trust me lexus will move to 1st position in no time. lexus cars have some unique presence on the road. as dull as the previous gen GS was said to be. its presence of rich and expensive luxury car was no question. The "L" bedge alone screams luxury, and the media try to brain wash the masses by saying this badge does not have what it takes
  2. people that dont know lexus, when u ask them what they think they reply: "i dont know what it is, but all i can say it expensive" Lexus use to be fetured alot im music videos in the 90's. i remember 1 song featured the sc when it came out, the car looked very expensive and futeristic. Music Videos does not fail to promote cars. food for thought for lexus
  3. It's gonna be a while for Lexus to move up to 2nd, let's not talk even talk about 1st at the moment. I have few friends that's dating Chinese mainland girls and their parents do not want them to buy a Lexus or any other Japanese cars lol. These are highly educated, wealthy girls with good jobs in North America but they're forbidden from buying Japanese. I just laughed when he told me, pretty funny and ridiculous if you ask me!
    • No wonder that Lexus/Toyota don't sell as much cars as they do in the rest of the world. Looks like that it's true what People say - Chinese don't like japanese very much.....
  4. Translation: Unlike the Germans, desperate to themselves out for every nickel in China, Lexus takes a long-term approach, looking to strengthen their brand image, and protect overall quality and service. The Tourtise or The Hare..... BD
  5. Lexus is that peculiar brand. Quality, exclusivity & customer happyness over volume & the quick buck.
  6. And lets face it, the Chinese do hold a grudge against the Japanese, and rightfully so. Since WWII, the Japanese military has killed over 30 million Chinese in various wars. People tend to remember things like that.... BD