Lexus Now the Third Most Sought-After Luxury Automotive Brand in China

Lexus China

According to the World Luxury Index China 2013 report, Lexus has leapfrogged Mercedes Benz to become the third most sought-after luxury automotive brand in China:

Audi (#1) and BMW (#2) maintain their leadership position in the luxury car segment. Lexus (in 3rd place), breaks the German trio, moving ahead of Mercedes (now 4th).

These results may explain Lexus’ decision to grow slowly in China, and may also say something about exclusivity — Lexus only had 99 Chinese dealers in 2012, while Mercedes-Benz, for example, had 262. As another point of comparison, Lexus sold 64,000 cars in China last year, whereas BMW sold 324,000 over the same period.

Lexus is sixth overall in the study, well ahead of other car brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, & Ferrari.

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