2014 Lexus IS Revealed on Chinese Website

2014 Lexus IS Leak

Some early photos of the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT have leaked on the Pacific Automotive website in China.

(Lexus will be releasing the official photo gallery in an hour, so I’m going to take this time to write up some initial thoughts.)

An early look at the 2014 Lexus IS


  1. Not sure how I feel about it.  But the interior is nice.
  2. Those are some sexy lines!I love the character line that commences behind the front wheel & continues all the way to the top outer edge of the tail lights.
  3. Beautiful. This over Mercedes C Class (even next generation), A4 and 3 Series F30. It has much more character than any of the german. New 4 Series looks really good, but well, if it is not a BMW M, then is must be a Lexus. From the looks alone, it seams like it is the best drivers car in class. First time BMW 3 Series gets outclassed?
  4. Could have been toned down a little bit more...still..i'm not complaining.
  5. The interior is great. I like the profile and the back. The front is way too over the top, and not in a good way. IMO the outgoing model looks a lot classier. Hopefully the regular IS will look better.
    • I can't agree with you in that respect.Would you REALLY want to spend YOUR money on an IS & have people think that you're driving a Kia or Hyundai??
  6. I think its the headlights that are getting to me. Feel strange  not encasing the running lights.
  7. I have fallen in love. This new design is getting better and better.
  8. the front light part is very unique. its not like some other cars. But im not sure whether it is the one people want.  
  9. I like it! Might be interested in one down the road.
  10. Youthful exterior design - a bit racey in this guise however the interior is spot on.  Too bad Lexus is making us wait on the RC Coupe.  My next purchase will happen between Spring and Mid-Summer at the latest.  The BMW 4 Series is very compelling as a coupe alternative however for a sedan - the new IS F Sport (or even GS F Sport) could suit my needs.  I'd like to see the new IS in another color notably black or silver (hopefully when the true images are released by Lexus).  With the NAIAS only one week away, I look fwd to seeing the IS & 4 Series in person - the final decision will be made there. http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2013/01/first-official-photos-of-all-new-2014.html
    • Gotta see it in black!That will get my Wife's attention.I like the black Toyota used on the new Crown!
  11. The front is ok, but the back is unsure...wish they settle it down a bit, the back looks fat to me...
  12. I think this looks better.
  13. Why can't Lexus tone down there design cue and make it look more subtle rather than more boyish ricer..
    • Because this is the F Sport Model. This is for the people that actually want an agressive looking car. If you want something more subtle then you can opt for the regular IS 250/350
    • Now are you one of the ones that complained before about how boring Lexus was?There's just no making some people happy,is there!
  14. Finally. Car looks absolutely perfect! Best looking car in it's class, for sure. I wish the would have chosen another color for the release, though.
  15. I'm not sure on both the front end & rear end design yet, although I do understand they're trying to target younger customers. I'm now interest to see the regular & hybrid model, see if the bumper would looks that high tone, or not.
  16. Bold, original, youthful, attractive. Everything it's supposed to be. The world has been put on notice. A can of whuppass was just opened by Lexus..... BD
  17. Usually most criticize when constructors tone down their concept cars and make them looking boring.
  18. This one might just get my vote for the best Lexus design ever. I really can't praise Lexus enough for having the confidence to put out such a bold design. I'm sure the non-F sport models will look just right for those who want something a bit milder. For me this is aesthetic perfection. Until the coupé arrives,at least.
  19. More pics up at Lexus UK blog now.
  20.  Officiel :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Toyota-Lexus-Media-France/171012436264873
  21. Full galery: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.511677608864224.116923.111587565539899&type=1
  22. Love both the interior and exterior design except the front grille.  Where is the front licence plate holder?  the front grille looks great without it but for a lot of countries, a front licence plate is a must.  I would be interesting to see how much aesthetics is reduced when you have to put on on it.
  23. wheels seems to  look too small... wondering what size will fit into "perfect look" 20" ?;)
  24. THIS is the full gallery.  In HD! http://www.autoblog.com/photos/2014-lexus-is-350-f-sport-live/full/#photo-5548003/ BD
  25. The low angle 3/4 shots from the front do not make it look good - want to see what the standard look will be and in a nice Black or Met Grey.. Not sure about those headlight cut outs - looks a bit messy and the wheels could fill the arches better.?  However I'd take one! 
  26. I like everything about the new design except for 2 things.  From certain angles the separate DRL and Headlights look pretty bad, from others they look pretty good. I know they're trying to do something different but I think they should have stuck to just having a single headlight unit. And my second VERY minor criticism is that the interior is very sporty to the point where the analog clock in between the A/C vents just looks out of place.  Other than that, I am really lobbying for a raise at work. =)