Lexus Switches to AT&T for In-Car LTE Internet Connectivity

Lexus LS 4G LTE Connectivity

Starting with the 2020 model year, select Lexus vehicles will be equipped with upgraded 4G LTE service, allowing for in-car Wi-Fi with unlimited data plans through AT&T. This connectivity suite will continue to give owners access to:

  • Remote start to crank up your car remotely and start up the heat or A/C
  • Remote diagnostics to provide vehicle health information to customers and dealers
  • Destination Assist to provide peace of mind and convenience by downloading vehicle destinations to navigation systems
  • Safety Connect® to help in an emergency by connecting drivers to a 24/7 response center at the touch of a button

According to a Toyota spokesperson, this will not affect anyone with existing connectivity plans through Verizon — from CNET:

“Current vehicle (and owners) are not involved,” a Toyota spokesperson told Roadshow. “Once deployed, new vehicles will be equipped with AT&T instead of Verizon.”