Video: 2015 Lexus RC F Prototype on Nürburgring

Lexus RC F Prototype Video

Sit back, crank your speakers, and get ready to watch the camouflaged Lexus RC F prototype carve up the Nürburgring:

What a sound! Video makes it hard to judge size & speed, but the RC F looks bigger than the IS sedan and very, very fast — super excited about this car.

(Thanks Bobby!)


  1. WoW Just WoW One from the best sounds in the market now I start to believe that this car may did a great impact in it's category Keep good job Lexus and thanks a lot krew
  2. sounds great!
  3. That sounds like a V8 engine. Like the one from ISF. SWEEEEEEETT!!!
  4. MD

    Definitely, the IS-F V8 all tuned up. Sounds much more higher pitch and louder than the IS-F so it must have been tuned more probably for 460 - 470 HP and also a higher redline of 7500 rpm or so. It is looking superb for Lexus. While the M3 and M5 have become boring and bland cars, Lexus is really becoming the brand offering cars built around excitement rather than only speed.
  5. 1. Sounds like an NA V8 RCF, NOT tuned by Yamaha 2. Sounds like the car is trying to overcome another sorry set of Bridgestones. I don't know what Lexus did when they made that deal, but they got HOSED! BD
  6. Brake lights flash/blink rapidly when under heavy braking, awesome addition. MB were the first to do it (I believe) and I'm glad someone else took notice and is copying a great feature. The quick shifts sound like the car has DSG. I would say, about time. Overall, the cars body kinda reminds me of a Mustang.
    • I dont think those are flashing lights under heavy braking, but it's caused by the camera the guy was recording the video with.
    • Watch the video again. The only time you see the lights blink is when the driver is braking. I thought it was a frequency difference but it doesn't seem like one.
  7. i have no clue wat this is but it seems very fast almost like LFA... reasons why i think this is a GSF or M6 rival are, 1. the tail lights are slapped right off the GS so im assuming its based off the GS. 2. its obviously a V8 & i strongly believe Lexus will use a TT V6 for ISF. 3. the retractable wing is tec u would find in M6, E63AMG price range, the only thing thats sketch is the interior is too identical to IS
    • MD

      Actually, if you look at LFA on the same sectors, it is way faster, but then again, it is not an LFA replacement. It is more like high end GT luxury sports car and it seems like it will do a great job competing.
  8. IS-F V8 for sure. Hopefully with a few more horses.
  9. It's going to be a combination of both the GS and the IS in style because they both share the platform of course!
  10. dont sound like a double-clutch to me, its the same 8 speed
  11. I was definitely listening carefully for any turbo whine/spooling and NONE. I'd have to conclude there's a wonderful V8 in there!
    • I'm not sure if that sound came from the Lexus or what it was but right at the end, that clip where the Lexus made that right hand turn I think I heard a supercharger. Can anyone else confirm that I'm not hearing things?
  12. Amazing... that V8 sounded brutal whoo-hoo!!! Any experts here think it will be a DCT 8-Speed?
  13. stj

    I was realy excited about the RC-F until i saw this, such a disappointment that their are sticking with the NA V8. A turbo engine would have made this car a huge hit.
    • People don't buy sports cars because they have turbos. Very childish comment...... BD
    • stj

      I did, nothing better than a I6 turbo but i would settle for a V6 since the Japanese don't make I6 engine's any more. And look at used car price's a SC400 isn't worth a dime while Turbo Supra's go for big bucks.
    • So if the SC400 didn't have a turbo, you wouldn't have bought it? That's some crazy talk! That's another childish comparison because there are far fewer Supras on the used car market than Lexus SC. Only a fool would say a Supra is a better car than a Lexus SC. Faster does not equal better. BD
    • Agreed. The greatest cars ever in the world derived from real life F1 racing cars like McLaren F1, Enzo Ferrari, Lexus LFA, Porsche Carrera GT etc. all have naturally aspirated, high-revving engines that sound like proper racing cars. Not hissing and whooshing vaccum cleaners like those turbo cars. Turbos are only good for cheap horsepower. But, when it comes to driving experience and excitement, nothing touches a great naturally aspirated engine with a telepathic response and a sonorous engine.
    • Agree, that is why I am not going towards to the non naturally aspirated BMW M3 and M4, because I don't see in those car as unique as before and not longer special about them. All I see is a 335 and 435 that is highly tuned with a M3 or M4 badge with a different look. I don't know the full detail of what kind of engine that the M3 and 4 are using or if they are using the same v6 engine as the 335 and 435 series. But that's just me
    • Not trying to disregard your comment, but I hope you're aware that the 2014 F1 engines are all probably gonna be turbo and supercharged 1.6L V6 engines. :-) Lexus is headed there, they have to, due to strict EU, and probably in the future, Chinese requirements. It's not gonna happen now but most probably with the next V6 engine and the Lexus IS F.
    • MT

      The F1 engines are going to be turbocharged V6, 1.6 litres with direct injection.
    • I'm not sure if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me. Lol
    • MD

      That is complete nonsense. Endurance racing cars don't have turboes in them. Ever wonder why a Porsche GT3 is used in racing all over the world and not the Turbo S?? Naturally aspirated engines have the response and the sound that turboes cars cannot even dream of matching. Race car drivers cannot afford to suffer precious time due to overheating turboes, limp modes and turbo lags. BTW, Turbo Supras don't go for big bucks. As a matter of fact, I can buy a stock 1996 Turbo Supra imported from Japan for less than $12,000.
  14. sounds like a v8, would have preferred a turbo 6, or even a capacitor powered hybrid
  15. Don't hear much low growl like a typical v8, turbo 6? Not hearing any wastegate noises either. Hard to tell. But agreed, looks like a winner.
    • It is definitely a v8 from the ISF, because I've had test driven that car twice once without and with sport mode with M to use paddle shifters, and floored the accelerator when I entered into the highway from 1st gear into 4 at 120+ mph over 7k RPM before I started to slow down. When I heard the engine noise at in this video 0:42 - 0:44, 0:57 - 1:00, 1:08 - 1:16, 1:18 - 1:26. 1:29 -1:53. 2:12 - 2:17, 2:19 - 2:30, It is the same v-8 engine sound that I've recognized when I drove the IS F.
  16. MP

    I am an IS-F owner. The beast is an awesome machine. The RC-F is purported to have lost around 700 pounds as a result of carbon fiber and come with 30 more horsepower. The weight loss and modest HP gain should increase 0-60 times to the high 3's from the low 4's and pop the top speed from around 175 to 190 MPH. I am anxious to see if these numbers become a reality.