Lexus RC F Coupe Prototype Spotted in Europe

Lexus RC F Prototype

The day has finally come — a Lexus RC F prototype has been spotted by the folks over at Leftlane News. Let’s take a closer look at some of the photos, starting with the front end:

Lexus RC F Coupe Front

Beyond the spindle grille, the front end is all LFA — the headlights, the lower vents, the swoop in the front fenders, even the hood vent bring the Lexus supercar to mind.

Lexus RC F Prototype Side

The side profile could be the most important angle, as it reveals the telltale fender vent — finally, there’s proof that a new F model is on the way. The car also looks bigger than an IS, though proportion is always a difficult thing to judge in spy photos.

Lexus RC F Coupe Rear

The rear also shows off F styling cues with the quad exhausts — it also appears the car may have a hatchback, and a rear design that looks more like a GS than an IS.

After all the rumors, these photos are the first real proof that Lexus will be releasing their first mass-market non-convertible coupe since the original SC — there’s bound to be more details in images, and I recommend everyone head over to Leftlane News for the full gallery.

First things first, what do you think?

See the full RC F Prototype Photo Gallery (Thanks Black Dynamite!)