Lexus Trademarks RC F for High-Performance Coupe?

Lexus LF-CC

Exciting news today — in a move that suggests a new high-performance coupe is in the works, Lexus has trademarked RC F in the USA & Europe.

The model designation RC was first discovered last November, when Lexus reserved RC 350 with the Australian Patent Office.

At the time, the speculation was that the RC would be a new mid-size coupe partially based on the LF-CC concept, and the filing of this new RC F trademark adds weight to the theory, as it fits the pattern established with current IS & IS F.

It’s still the early days, but the idea of a coupe built with the same performance focus as the current IS F feels like a match made in heaven and a perfect compliment to the Lexus lineup. Looking forward to learning more.

(For completion’s sake, Lexus RC F was filed under United States Patent & Trademark Office #85770072 and European Union #011314226.)

[Source: Club Lexus]


  1. Consider one sold already!
  2. I want to first say how pleased and happy that this is going forward especially with F coupe model Lexus is finaly listening to fans,current owners and future onwers. i would just to put forward to recmmondation to the Lexus for upcoming coupes. 1.Thier must  resume with carbon fibre process to creare the light wieght  coupe  curb weight for the body should  be kept around 1400kg-1700kg no more no less.(LFA production aftermath). 2.Chassis get the Chief engineer for GT86/FR-S , Chief engineer of the IS-F and Chief engineer of the LFA to work together on this project.Thier will create a master piece.  I am not fuss about the enginess power output, Once the above two are addressed the engine will just enhance the experince. case in point why does Jeremy Clarkson love the GT86  & the LFA? Answer is Toyota & Lexus took thier time to carefull create those master pieces.
  3. The M3 will have a manual transmission. Will Lexus step up to a manual, or come up small in the big spot? BD
  4. Oh yeah forgot about a manual option. for CR  F-sport & F
  5. Exciting news! Kev,how about a poll on engine configuration? V6,V8,turbo,na or my guess:KERS.
    • As much as I'd enjoy Lexus sticking in a V8, I want to see some of their concept talk about lightweight batteries and high performance hybrids come to fruition. However, it would have to be a system that can truly provide performance to compete with the German and American counterparts. Something that doesn't necessarily need to have outstanding fuel mileage, but at least make it practical and earth-friendly for city and performance driving. A darker side of green. . 
  6. Now we just have to wait another 3-6 months before we hear of Toyota "assigning an engineer" to the project...
  7. MT

    Just keep in mind that they also registered CT 300h and CT 400h and both cars are definitely not happening in the next 4 years.
  8. V10 from the LFA. Please. :)
  9. I was immensely disappointed when news came that Lexus was discontinuing the IS-F, so this is just fantastic news. This and the upcoming IPL Q50 from Infiniti will seriously be something to look forward to.