Lexus Trademarks RC 350 for Upcoming Coupe

Lexus LF-CC Coupe Concept

Lexus has trademarked RC 350 in Australia, which could hint at the very first details of the production coupe based on the LF-CC concept.

Let’s break down the name digit-by-digit:

  • R: While trying to guess what the R stands for is pure guesswork, it does provide one key detail — this new coupe will stand on its own as a separate model, and not be tied together with either the IS or GS.
  • C: No mystery here — C is for coupe.
  • 350: The 3.5L 2GR-FSE V6 is a workhorse — the same engine from the IS 350 & GS 350 will be offered with this new coupe. This would also indicate a coupe based on the LF-CC and not the LF-LC — I don’t think the production LF-LC would be offered with a V6.

This discovery comes only days after NX 200t & NX 300h were discovered in North American and Australian trademark databases, and suggest that a massive expansion of the Lexus lineup over the next couple years.

(FYI: The RC 350 trademark was filed in Australia on November 2, 2012, under #1524186.)

[Source: IP Australia] (Thanks mrxandthexfactor!)


  1. Very exciting!
  2. Maybe the 'R' stands for Renaisance? What ever the meaning, it will be a welcome addition to the stable!
  3. mr2

    Its clear for me now. LF-CC -> RC350. Something between IS and GS. Just like Merc did with CLK. 
  4. I was hoping it was gonna be called LC
    • Some folks will mixed it up with the famous Toyota Suv.
    • That's really a concern for the production LF-LC, not necessarily this one. I'm sure that LC name will make it to production in order to closely match the LS and LX flagship models.
    • No, it wouldn't be as that's an entirely different model altogether. It's previewed by the LF-CC, not the LF-LC. This is supposed to be a vehicle that sits between the IS and GS. The LC is possibly a replacement for the LFA or intended to sit between the LS and LFA/LFA-replacement.
  5. am happy it wont get the IS name tho
  6. This is "leading the witness", but what happens in Australia doesn't necessarily happen here..... BD
  7. R = Race? ;-) @BD:disqus : If the model will be named RC in Australia I think that will be the name for the whole world. Times have changed that Lexus is branding their cars differently in different countries or continents. I hope it stays like this ...
    • Race sounds good.  Maybe "Rebel" :)  Compact CUV now this...  very exciting times. Can't wait for the NAIAS Jan 14 as I'm counting on the NX and the RC reveal...
  8. Updated the post to clarify why I think this is a coupe based on the LF-CC and not the LF-LC -- I don't think a production LF-LC would be offered with a V6 engine.
    • Offtopic...Here is new pictures of a IS mule in Europe,,
  9. SIGH... same engine?? -_- 
    •  2GR is one of the best 3.5L engine out there.
    • Dude never said its a bad engine. I'm have a IS350 and its a good engine, but imo it's not exciting enough. Lexus should performance tune the engine a bit
    • I agree with that. 340-350bhp would be nice on this coupe :)
    • Lexus should separate their engines from Toyotas a bit more rather than adding a bit more hp. Maybe Lexus gets more performance oriented engines while Toyotas get the base engines imo. I'm honestly tired of seeing Lexus roll out sweet cars with the same old engine.
    • What's wrong with the 2GR V6's? They're extremly smooth, efficient and beat cars with more 'HP'
    • Did I ever say anything was wrong with the 2GR's? I said Lexus should have more performance tuned engines vs Toyotas so there brand recognition could be separated more.
  10. I'm so glad to work for Lexus in moments like these.
  11. Maybe you can drive this car with a controller?
  12. In my opinion, R could mean 'Recreational' as RX is 'Recreational Crossover'. I hope they make an RC-F coupe with 5.0L V8 
  13. SO EXCITING! Now, Lexus needs to trademark LC or, unless they still have it, SC again or a different name of course (I was thinking VC sounded cool, no?) for the LF-LC concept production model. Can't Wait! 
  14. An electric motor paired with the 2GR-FSE would = AWESOME! You'd be looking at 0-60 times in the low 4's!
    • MT

      2GR-FSE+electric = GS450h
    • Yeah I know but the GS350 has better performance than the GS450h which is tuned towards fuel econony..
    • How so? The 450h has more hp, too bad it doesnt come in F-sport.
    • I think there's a chance the USA will get the GS 450h F Sport. There is apparently a feasibility study on the way,and Lexus is keen to increase hybrid sales. 
    • but the GS450H is already at a premium. Went to the dealer the other day a 450h was listed at 70K! If they bring over an F-sport that might run another couple G's... -_-. Some people that see that might just spend that 70k+ on an higher performance car A6, 550i..
    • In Norway it's the opposite. The hybrids get a generous tax break from the authorities due to the lower emissions,making non-hybrids far more costly.In fact,the LS,GS and RX are only sold in hybrid versions here.
    • MT

      Hmm, as i pointed out in some other thread. The 450h goes 250km/h, the 350 is limited to 190km/h. The 300hp of the GS350 are completely pointless as i can outrun it on the Autobahn in my 1,6 Toyota hatchback.
    • What? The 350 can go upto a minimum 235 km/h. The GCC version IS350 which was unfortunately IS300 was able to reach 235 km/h
  15. Great news, can't wait for these to come out.... probably the R in RC is RALLY COUPE!!!
  16. Roadster? Revolutionary?
  17. Ladies and gentlemen,  just...relax, have your D size batteries charged :P
  18. "R" usually means Racing, so RC could stand for Racy Coupe as in Sporty Coupe but more sporty, like a real sport car.
  19. MT

    R stands for RWD :-)
  20. I just read one the net that the KERS-type hybrid system in the Toyota TS030 racer is being developed for road car use,with a prototype system being tried in a GT-86 (Scion FR-S). Imagine a driveline like that in the RC! Wouldn't that be great? 
  21. I have no idea what R means either, but it sounds like a good sign that R comes right before S.  Hopefully the LF-CC will become the RC coupe, and the LF-LC will be the new SC, at least as far as names are concerned.
  22. Maybe the R simply means it will be based on the RX platform/wheelbase.