Lexus Trademarks RC 350 for Upcoming Coupe

Lexus LF-CC Coupe Concept

Lexus has trademarked RC 350 in Australia, which could hint at the very first details of the production coupe based on the LF-CC concept.

Let’s break down the name digit-by-digit:

  • R: While trying to guess what the R stands for is pure guesswork, it does provide one key detail — this new coupe will stand on its own as a separate model, and not be tied together with either the IS or GS.
  • C: No mystery here — C is for coupe.
  • 350: The 3.5L 2GR-FSE V6 is a workhorse — the same engine from the IS 350 & GS 350 will be offered with this new coupe. This would also indicate a coupe based on the LF-CC and not the LF-LC — I don’t think the production LF-LC would be offered with a V6.

This discovery comes only days after NX 200t & NX 300h were discovered in North American and Australian trademark databases, and suggest that a massive expansion of the Lexus lineup over the next couple years.

(FYI: The RC 350 trademark was filed in Australia on November 2, 2012, under #1524186.)

[Source: IP Australia] (Thanks mrxandthexfactor!)