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Lexus News: In the News

Road & Track Profile: The Life & Times of Lexus LFA Master Driver Hiromu Naruse

A must-read article about legendary Toyota & Lexus test driver Hiromu Naruse.

Akio Toyoda & His Path to Becoming Lexus Master Driver

An excellent profile of Akio Toyoda from Hans Greimel of Automotive News.

The Lexus Hoverboard: Coverage from Around the Web

To call the latest Lexus Hoverboard video a massive marketing success would be an understatement — it’s spread through all corners of the web, even my friends and family are posting about it on Facebook.

The Lexus Hoverboard Revealed

At long last, Lexus has released the full details on their much-hyped hoverboard — let’s start with the main video with skater Ross McGouran riding the board in Barcelona.

Lexus Hoverboard to be Revealed Next Week

Lexus continues to tease their Slide Hoverboard project with this new video clip.

Lexus Global Design Manager: An Interview with Takeshi Tanabe Part 3

The final part of my interview with Takeshi Tanabe, Global Design Manager for Toyota & Lexus.