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Lexus News: In the News

CT Chief Engineer Chika Kako is New Lexus International Vice President

First female chief engineer in Toyota history will lead the Lexus brand.

Lexus Safety System + Gets Upgrade for 2018

Features from the new LS will be introduced to other Lexus models.

Road & Track Profile: The Life & Times of Lexus LFA Master Driver Hiromu Naruse

A must-read article about legendary Toyota & Lexus test driver Hiromu Naruse.

Akio Toyoda & His Path to Becoming Lexus Master Driver

An excellent profile of Akio Toyoda from Hans Greimel of Automotive News.

The Lexus Hoverboard: Coverage from Around the Web

To call the latest Lexus Hoverboard video a massive marketing success would be an understatement — it’s spread through all corners of the web, even my friends and family are posting about it on Facebook.