What is Lexus Planning for its 25th Anniversary?

Lexus NX Amazing Night

Tucked away in this video from the NX consumer launch in Tokyo is a curious statement from Lexus International executive vice-president Mark Templin:

For those that missed it, here’s the quote:

“Just wait for some of the great things we have coming for our 25th anniversary.”

Lexus will officially celebrate its 25th anniversary in October, and this is the only indication so far that the brand will celebrate the event in a meaningful way.

My expectations are tempered by the knowledge of how difficult it is to create a special edition model — I know for a fact that the recent CRAFTED Line introduced by Lexus USA was an extensive internal process.

Even so, I don’t get the sense that Templin is speaking of a 25th anniversary special edition, but rather the upcoming new models in the pipeline. Just think — the next twelve months could see the introduction of the next-generation RX & LS, the high-performance GS F, and perhaps even the production-ready version of the LF-LC.

That’s my take — what do you think Lexus should do to celebrate its 25th anniversary?