Lexus Safety System + Gets Upgrade for 2018

Lexus LS Safety System +

Some of the advanced safety features set to debut with the new Lexus LS will soon be added to the rest of the lineup — Lexus has announced its Safety System + will be getting an upgrade for 2018.

As before, Lexus Safety System + is built around these features:

  • Pedestrian Pre-collision System, which can help to prevent and mitigate collisions under certain conditions,
  • Lane Departure Alert, for preventing vehicles from departing from their lanes,
  • Automatic High Beams, to ensure forward visibility during nighttime driving, and
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which can adjust vehicle speed depending on the flow of traffic.

Here’s a chart detailing the differences between the first and second-generation systems:

Lexus Safety System Plus

The existing system will be upgraded in four ways:

  • The capabilities of the Pedestrian Pre-collision System has been expanded, and will now be able to detect pedestrians at night and cyclists during the day.
  • Road Sign Assist has been added, where key road signs are read by the car camera and displayed in the instrument panel.
  • Lane Tracing Assist will augment Dynamic Radar Cruise Control by using a camera to identify lines on the road and trace the path of the vehicle ahead even when lane lines cannot be recognized. This system replaces Lane Keep Assist.
  • Preceding Vehicle Departure Alert, which warns the driver waiting at a traffic light that the preceding car has departed and they need to move.

The second-gen Lexus Safety System + will begin rolling out to Lexus models starting next year, though it’s currently unclear if this upgrade will be available to all vehicles immediately.