Toyota & BMW Finalize Agreement to Develop Sportscar Platform

Lexus & BMW Partnership

BMW & Toyota have finalized an agreement to develop a joint platform for sportscars, according to Reuters:

“We have agreed on a joint architecture for a sports car. What is important is that there will be two different vehicles that are authentic to the two brands,” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today quoted [BMW’s development chief Herbert] Diess as saying.

Frankfurter Allgemeine said that Diess declined to provide details on the models that would result from the cooperation.

At this point, there’s only speculation as to what may come out of this partnership — there have been rumors that BMW would assist in developing a next-generation Lexus supercar, but recent reports suggest that it may be the new Toyota Supra.

(Personally, I think there’s more upside to a joint BMW/Toyota vehicle than a joint BMW/Lexus vehicle — of course, only time will tell.)

[Source: Reuters]


  1. If the Platform development is the only collaboration here, then I'm thrilled with this. However, if BMW technology transfers into LEXUS, then I'm scared for this. BMW will benefit form this venture far more than LEXUS will gain from it. Two individual different vehicles that are authentic to each Brand is what I like to hear.....But, still skeptical.
  2. No way it will be the LFA-II For the following reasons 1- the LFA was build on concept of niche with specific amount 2- the LFA-II will continue to be high priced New technological set 3- the SUPRA need to be priced within corvette and less than NSX, GT-R and Viper and this what the joint venture will do by dividing the cost of the R&D 4- the next generation LFA rumoured to be in development a year ago 5- the next generation LFA rumoured to be hyper car which is around 700 hp as average 6- even if Lexus want to go with the turbo engines with the next LFA, they already have the 650 hp v8 used in the LS650TMG and will be used as a confirmation to the next generation LS and maybe also to the next generation SC when enter to production as rumored also
    • MD

      I hope what you are saying is all true. I am so hoping Lexus puts out a hypercar Lexus LFA 2 with a V10 plus a hybrid electric motor and 10,000 rpm revs with even a higher pitched F1 scream with 750 HP.
  3. B

    This has the potential to be like the Pontiac Vibe/ Toyota Matrix situation - that is, the Pontiac Vibe was the best car Pontiac ever made... and the Toyota Matrix was the worst car Toyota ever made. Insert BMW for Pontiac and you see where I'm headed with this.
  4. This could either go both ways.... be extremely good or extremly bad. But if they play their cards right this sport car could be epic and make front pages and be one of the most epic sport car of all time. Sounds just about right for a Supra
  5. I have my doubts and my certainties that this will be a Lexus. The doubts would be: what model could this become? A whole new sports car, if so where would it slot? Could it be some sort of coupe type sports car to fully replace the SC (or even revive it) and have the LC as more a supercar? Or is it THE next supercar not named LFA? My certainties: would be the whole supercar business. Lexus said they wanted to create a million dollar supercar about a year or so ago. Is this it? Also, the Supra has already been announced that the concept will be shown soon from Toyota. I don't know really if this is truly the Supra. Also, I said earlier how would this slot in the lineup? But, you have to look at it both ways: how will it slot for BMW too? I guess I am arguing with myself here. We'll just have to wait and see I guess. Also, don't forget BMW owns Mini...Could it be a Mini (doubt it, but you never know).
    • It's just Toyota -Toyota always say about the joint venture with BMW a two sport car for both manufacturers -No 1 million dollar car can be by making it with another manufacturer -Limited hyper car aka LFA-II shall be a no how, home made , the same recipe as the original LFA -LF-LC is approximately known that it will share the wheel base with the next LS and also the 5 liters 650hp as an F badged and will be 2+2 coupe and named SC again, all of these info are semi confirmed before even BMW and TOYOTA start talking -In the last year there was around 5 reports that Lexus also want to build SL, 911 competitor to sit below the next LFA -If you match all this with the solid info that TOYOTA really want to have a SUPRA or successor for it in the line-up -Add all this to the new news from not more than month that bmw will have 8 series successor to go for SL and then you will have the complete picture -It will be 8/SUPRA/LC, not SC not LFA
  6. Is this new news cause even after reading and hearing a possible Supra in the works, its the same story as I've read since 2011.
  7. The options are: Supra - We will probably hear some chatter when the Supra concept is unveiled at Detroit Auto Show whether or not this is part of the joint venture. LF-LC + BMW i8 (8-Series) - However unlikely since the i8 mules are already driving around meaning the platform has already been made. and suppose to release this year, so doubtful. LFA-II + BMW Supercar - BMW probably strives to compete against their fellow German Audi R8's, and Merc SLS's. Although a million dollar Lexus would be cool, let's be realistic, with sharing of R&D with BMW, the next LFA could be priced around the rivals.
    • This is only pertaining to a sports car in the league of Z4 or LF-CC at the most. There is nothing BMW has ever done that stands next to the Lexus LFA (including the old M1). The engine is way better than any engine BMW has ever produced. There is no way another LFA would neuter down the emotional, dynamic and raw visceral feel of the Lexus LFA with that F1 V10 revving up to 9500 rpm. Mark my words down.
    • Lexus LFA was ranked one of the "Top 10 greatest exotic supercars ever". SLS AMG and R8 are not even in the same league. Trust me, if Lexus was aiming for mid-tier supercars, it would have never reached that elevated status especially on Lexus' first attempt.
  8. MD

    Thank God all news seem to be suggesting it will be a sports car platform BMW will use for the next generation Z4 and Z4 M and a Toyota Sports car. Lexus is not screwing around with the LFA brand. I am glad Lexus is not screwing around with the legacy of the Lexus LFA. Leave it the way it is. It is a legend already with an epic engine that goes down as one of the very best engines ever made. Just leave the Lexus LFA alone. Only a V10 LFA 2 would do justice to the original Lexus LFA.
  9. Why why!!! I am not sure what lexus has to gain from this. Especially with the new release of LFA and the new direction Lexus is taking with all their new cars. It is time for a new era and for BMW to take a backseat and enjoy the smoke trail of Lexus new found success.
  10. Yes i think the joint development should only be with Toyota branded sports cars not Lexus.While the we consumers can evaluate the benefits of this Joint initiative between BMW and TMC.
  11. what kind of engine would these companies come up with? BMW power engines with Lexus reliability? I'm in.
  12. So no more fight between BMW & Lexus Fans!! Anyways I really prefer that Lexus keeps their way of making the LFA!! Because Lexus it's FIRST TIME making Supercar and look the LFA is way better then any Supercar (opinion) also I'm sure if Lexus didn't take 10 Years of developing the LFA I guess it's gonna be the BEST Supercar!! Let's imagine the LFA was born in 2005 or 2007 it's will be the BEST Supercar ever made!!! And not I forget they started making the LFA 2001! And we're in 2014 NOW!! which means Lexus way ahead ⭐️ As the technology and everything!! Forget about the Cup Holders XD I really wish Lexus makes more then 700HP with the LFA-II
    • The only way for no fight between both brands fans is by making LEXUS step up in between MB/Audi/BMW and Bentley/RR This small line that just Porsche and Maserati served it now, and this means to delete the CT, ES, LX, GX and to have just 2 CUVs TX and RX and to increase the coupes and have F variant from every car, Then make the landcruiser as a standalone truck based brand as GMC and Land-Rover And finally make Toyota to take the nowadays Lexus target by start selling crown and Mark x out of Japan and revive the old names specially supar and mr-2 and make a super hot hatch starlet successor
    • My saying! Are right! Upgrading brand-image is the key. Lexusman
    • So the future Lexus line-up from my view will be as follow -LS : Panamera / Quattroportti / Rapide -SC : S Class coupe / CLS / Bentley GT / 6 Series -GS : Glibly -RC : 4 series / E Class coupe / A5 -IS : the same -TX : Cayenne / FX -NX : Macan -LC : shared the SUPRA and BMW?? And go against 911/ SL -CC : shared the 86 wheel base but have its own engines and go against SLK / Z4 Deleting the ES / CT / LX / GX / RX In the same time Toyota should have a full global RWD under its name as follow -Majesta : S Class / 7 Series / A8 / XJ long body -Crown : S Class / 7 Series / A8 / Equus -Mark X : E Class / 5 Series / A6 / Genesis -???????? : C Class / 3 Series / A4 -Supra -Celica -MR -Starlet Also the Landcruiser shall start to be a standalone brand adding even the Hi-Lux, Seqouia, Tundra, Prado, 4 Runner under it With full size luxury variant, sport variant plus the pickup Medium to large luxury variant, sport variant plus the pickup A lot of people will hate me and say I am crazy But only by this the whole TMC will be upgrading from the current image to more upscale image
    • Hi Lexusman, I agree with you, however I think BMW is perhaps stronger than you give them credit for, which six do you think will survive, I think Ford VW Nissan/Renault, Hyundai group, GM (although more of their brand names will disappear) and Toyota. BMW? perhaps more prfitable than many other manufacturers and they could possibly join forces with Mercedes? Chrysler/Fiat may also have an outside chance the Jeep brand is possibly their saviour, and where will Mercedes finish up they have steadily lost ground over a number of years thanks to Audi and BMW but cannot be written off and could also possibly end up in the Renault/Nissan stable or vice versa or some arrangement with BMW as mentioned earlier. What do u think?
    • Hi Rob I am not Lexusman but I can answer your question from my view -Ford will merge with GM and buy Tesla -Hyundai Kia group will buy PSA -Nissan Renault will merge with Daimler -VAG -Toyota will have some sort of agreement with Honda and BMW -FIAT -Aston Martin will form an agreement with McLaren, Tata, and proton -Mazda to be alone -Isuzu will be killed -Volvo will be safe with the Chinese
    • Interesting thoughts, I doubt Mazda will survive, otherwise I think similarly in most cases. I also do not think Ford will merge with anyone if they can possibly avoid it their brand is one that is gaining in strength and popularity witness the success of the Focus. Time will tell.
    • -Ford don't have except Ford and Lincoln brands, and I guess Lincoln will survive, so Ford will merge with either GM or TOYOTA, as those are the most two crops. That have sharing programs with, and I think they will go with GM based on economical, and even political issues -Mazda, Suzuki, Isuzu and Mitsubishi are strange cases, I never have the power for perdition for them, but if this Toyota Honda group as Hyundai Kia group, we may see all the Japanese under this umbrella
  13. Why? Which brand will benefit or is it really just a cost saving exercise and the cars will actually be completely different and produced under their own brand name. This I think is really only about more profit for each Company one development team costs less than two!
    • Hi Rob! Well, this is alright, as long as this will benefit the customers. And for the long run, it will help Toyota/Lexus, as BMW won't be able to survive without strong partnership. And Toyota is a much more bigger fish than BMW will ever be. According to a study, only 6 manufacturers will survive until 2020 as stand-alone companies. Toyota is among them. But BMW? Regards, Lexusman
    • Honestly guys TMC will lose in anyway Or in other words BMW will gain more, just if with this new sports car Toyota Supra find its way and from supra the next generation Mark x as the old days when the (Mark-II, Chaser, Caresta, Cressida) are the sedans version of the SUPRA, we can also add a SL/911 competitor at Lexus stable aka the rumoured LC Imagining the Toyota dealer showroom have the SUPRA and the MARK-X side by side, wow Sorry but if Hyundai succeeded withe genesis under its name, why will Toyota fail? In this case only it will be fair to say both wins
  14. I love Toyota and I like bmw! I've owned only one bmw and I know for a fact that they aren't reliable. Toyota/Lexus I've owned so many Lexuses and I've never had problems. The new GS and IS have come a far way, they perform, trust me! I think this joint venture is a win win for both companies, two great companies.