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Lexus Design Award 2014 Winners Announced

Lexus Design Award 2014

Lexus has announced the twelve winners of the 2014 Lexus Design Awards, the brand’s second annual international design competition.

The designers of two winning entries will create prototypes of their designs in close collaboration with an assigned mentor — the first winner is Sebastian Scherer of Germany, who created Iris, a “handblown glass lamp with an iridescent coating”:

Lexus Design Award Lamp

The second winner was James Fox from the UK, who created a kit to “build more creative forts for kids”:

Lexus Design Award Fort Building

These two prototypes, together with panel displays of the other 10 winning entries, will be exhibited in the Lexus space at Milan Design Week in April.

See the Lexus Design Award 2014 winners

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    Lexus Cohen
  • January 30, 2014
Very nice but more car news.