Consumers Excited About Future of Lexus

Lexus LF-NX

According to a worldwide survey of 30,000 consumers by brand strategy firm Lippincott, Lexus has the best momentum in the entire automotive industry.

The Momentum Index measures the number of consumers that believe a brand’s best days are in front of them over those who feel the opposite — here’s what the study had to say about Lexus:

Lexus, the top scorer, has a ratio of 5.5. 84.6 percent of consumers who know Lexus feel that its best days are ahead of it.  The average Brand Momentum score in the U.S. for auto brands is 2.97, putting the Top 5 well above average.

Lexus stands out from the pack due to a very strong focus on delivering the customer experience and longstanding leadership in hybrid technology.

BMW, Toyota, Mercedes and Audi rounded out the top five — as a bonus, Lexus was also in the top 10% of all brands tested in the USA.

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