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Toyota Reaches $1.2 Billion Settlement in U.S. Investigation

Toyota will pay $1.2 billion to settle a U.S Justice Department criminal investigation into the carmaker’s handling of recalls linked with unintended acceleration nearly five years ago — from GoAuto:

As a part of the deal – involving the largest criminal penalty paid by a car-maker in US history – Toyota will acknowledge wrongdoing, while the US government will effectively defer prosecution and dismiss the case.

“At the time of these recalls, we took full responsibility for any concerns our actions may have caused customers, and we rededicated ourselves to earning their trust,” [Toyota Motor North America chief legal officer Christopher Reynolds] said. “In the more than four years since these recalls, we have gone back to basics at Toyota to put our customers first.”

In 2009, a highway patrolman and his family were killed after the accelerator of their Lexus ES350 stuck and they were unable to brake, causing them to crash.

The recall affected more than 10 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles globally and became one of the largest recalls by a car-maker in history.

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  • M
    Mike De Lorca
  • March 24, 2014
Great job Toyota ! Handled like a CHAMP. Now let's see what happens with GM ! 12 deaths and years longer of hiding faults from NHTSA....GM should be held liable for many BILLIONS more than TOYOTA. The shame and reputation Defamation that TOYOTA went through for far less fault than GM. I guarantee GM will get off with much less penalty and loss of reputation. The media is already handling much softer than the TOYOTA situation. The manner in which TOYOTA handled and carried through, has only made my admiration for TMC, that much more loyal. I believe many feel the same.
    • M
      Max Bullo
    • March 25, 2014
    101% Quote
    • E
      Erich Kerner
    • March 25, 2014
    • L
    • March 25, 2014
    because toyota has handle this so well. Recalls are no longer seen as taboo, no longer scaring people away from the brands.