Lexus Trademarks NX 200t & NX 300h for Upcoming Compact Crossover

Lexus Compact Crossover Rending

Big news today — Lexus has trademarked NX 200t & NX 300h in the USA, Canada, and Australia, giving the very first details about the much-rumored Lexus compact crossover.

Following the X SUV naming convention established with RX, GX, & LX, the NX trademark filing also offer some clue to what will be under the hood:

If this NX does end up using the 2.0L turbo engine, this trademark also provides a potential timeline — according to the announcement last month, this engine won’t be put into production until 2014.

(There is one part of the name that I can’t figure out — what does the N stand for?)

[Source: My.IS via Kaizen Factor] (Thanks Matt!)


  1. What Lexus COULD do is release the NX300h next fall, and bring along the NX200t in 2014. Krew, do you have any news on this 2.0 turbo?  You said recently announced, but are there any details about this engine?  I heard TRD was working on a Supercharged 2.0 for the Scion FRS. What does the R in Lexus RX stand for? BD
  2. Ah ben calique. The guy was right!! Best news of the year.
  3. Next Generation Nano New Normal
  4. CT=Compact Touring HS=Hybrid Sedan  IS=International SedanGS=Grand Sedan ES=Executive Sedan LS=Luxury Sedan RX=Rally Cross GX=Grand Cross LX=Luxury Cross SC=Sport Coupe and they named previous with the following IS=Toyota Altezza GS=Toyota Aristo ES=Toyota Windom LS=Toyota Celsior RX=Toyota Harrier LX=Toyota Land Cruiser Cygnus SC=Toyota Soarer
    • There is nothing "Rally Cross" about the RX.  If that WERE true, it would be a misnomer The X in the SUVs means crossover or off-roader BD
    • it has actually been stated that IS stands for intelligent sport.
    • If I am not mistaken, RX stands for Recreational Crossover. NX means Navigational Crossover , that's my best guess.
    • Yeah, that's a good one.
    • The RX name stands for Radiant Crossover.[2] It has also been labelled as "Recreation Cross Country" in some markets.
    • CT: Compact Touring HS: Harmonious Sedan IS: Intelligent Sport ES: Elegant Sedan GS: Grand Touring Sedan LS: Luxury Sedan RX: Recreational Crossover GX: Grand Crossover? LX: Luxury Crossover? These are the confirmed names, I'm not sure about the GX and LX.
    • The RX name stands for Radiant Crossover. It has also been labelled as "Recreation Cross Country" in some markets.
  5.  Wow can't wait to see Lexus fitting more of their models with the 2.0t engine! BMW and Audi are going to be very scared this time!
  6. ohhhhhhhh very nice but looks likes the rx
  7. I'm very excited! But I kind of thought that 't' represented more hatchback style Lexus models like the CT. I guess I am wrong and it must stand for turbo or something else I thought it was like how S is for sedan X for Luxury Utility, C for Coupe/Convertible and H for hybrid. 
    • A "t" at the end of the model name clearly indicates engine type: h=hybrid,t=turbo. The letter that indicates vehicle type is the scond letter in the model name:s=sedan,x=crossover,c=coupe,t=touring(hatchback).
  8. If 200t really meant 2.0-liter Turbo-Charged engine , I hope they use the engine on future IS , that could made it have more different marketing .
  9. Looks like that new 225HP 2.5L Hybrid engine may be next step for cars like the Toyota Camry, CT200h, and a base engine for the Lexus GS for 2014 model year. Maybe this new Turbo will be the midrange engine, again for cars like the Lexus GS, Lexus IS, and the new NX.  Hybrid (225HP), Turbo (275HP) and V6 (306-330HP depending on tune) BD
  10. This has made my day! Not kidding here, I checked out the RDX yesterday (yawn) and was heading to Volvo and BMW this weekend to test drive the XC60 and X1. Cancelled!!! But what's with the Nissan Pulsar NX name from the eighties. I remember my dad had a rare  '84 Turbo 3-speed automatic. It was so cool back then with the popup lights  and a whopping 90 hp. Who cares about the weird name, I just want the cuv. Hybrid, turbo, don't care. Please release this in the next 12 months, Lexus,  please.
  11. JB

    Remember Toyota Motor Corp's announcement on releasing 6 new hybrids?  The top 4 are confirmed. Prius C Prius V Avalon Hybrid ES 300h If the CT 200h was considered at the time of the statement then there leaves just one: Prius plugin considered a new model? IS 300h?  Rav4 hybrid? Any chance the 6th model is the NX 300h?
  12. Crazy news. Can't wait.
  13. It takes two years and a half from model registration to the launch for Lexus' pattern.  Expect it in 2015.
    • No, not at all. I expect that came from what I said about when Lexus files trademarks, but that isn't always the case. The IS200 was filed on November 14, 1997 and produced from late 1998. The LS430 was first filed on March 15, 2000, 5 months before production and 7 months before it went on sale in October 2000. The LS460(L) and LS600h(L) on February 28, 2005, only 10 months before introduction at NAIAS and 17 months before production in August 2006. The ES300h was trademarked on December 21, 2010 and look at it now, on sale since August 2012. I said that the earliest priority trademark filings(from filing to sales) was in November 2004 for the GS460, that was introduced in 2007. The earliest of them all is the SC400 in October 1988, later introduced in June 1991. That is different, as back then the SC development had only started in 1987. It still needed 2.5 more years, and wasn't under an established luxury brand. The NX is likely farther along and is not coming in 2015, as early as next year with sales starting in 2014.
  14. MT

    They also trademarked CT300h and CT400h the same time they registered the CT200h name. And nothing has happened so far under the hood of the CT. And that is now three years ago.
  15. Next Crossover New Crossover Nexus Crossover Nanu Nanu Crossover NX in the Star Trek world was meant for experimental craft....
  16. JB

    Well digging back past posts on reveals, can we expect the new cuv (NX) at the January 2013 Detroit Auto Show?  As Jim Lentz stated "And he promises SEVERAL MORE NEW Lexus products will be introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next January.""Several" = at least three in my book. Here are what I feel the contenders are in order of decreasing probability: 1.  New IS  (99.9% expected) 2.  IS/GS Coupe (LF-CC)? 3.  Higher powered CT ? 4.  NX ?  5.  SC replacement (LF-LC)?    What do you all think?
    • Yeah I agree..
    • Interesting, I also think it was teased back in January in videos shown in secret only to the press. Lexus used do this very often in the 90s, as I read that Infiniti similarly debuted the 2002 Q45 and 2003 G35 in April 1999 at the 1999 NYIAS. Those cars didn't even go on sale until 2001 and 2002. They stopped doing that after camera phones became mainstream a decade ago. Lexus showed all of their products through the 2015/2016 model years somewhere in secret recently, including the next generation LS(not the faux new/facelift LS) and RX. Anyway, I would expect everything except #5 to appear next year, unless as a further developed concept. At the show, number 3 is the highest bet after the IS. After that comes the LF-CC in prototype form or an NX concept. I figure Lentz's "several" means 3-4 vehicles at most, unlike the real meaning of several.
    • I wishfully agree and hope it's the top four reveals. I want the NX or it's off to BMW. 
    • Just when I had hope for a launch in 2013 (as a 2014 model) and willing to wait a few months, I found this article: "Templin added that, even though the Japanese luxury carmaker is in no hurry to expand its portfolio, it is contemplating the launch of a new, Audi Q5-rivalling SUV in 2015 as the rising popularity of this segment makes a model placed below the RX a very interesting proposition." Who's the voice of Lexus USA, Lentz or Templin? This is getting frustrating as to what to believe especially when we consider the compact SUV rumor launch started back in '09. Crying wolf over and and over. 
    • There is no good reason for the Rav4 to come out in a couple of months, and the Lexus version to wait for 2 years. And both versions have been seen testing together, in similar stages of development, leading one to believe they are close the same point in their production cycle.... BD
    • You can forecast based off of the Camry/Lexus ES relationship Camry came out last fall.  Lexus ES comes out August. Toyota Rav4 expected out Feb/March That means Lexus version at the end of 2013.... BD