New Lexus RC F Rendering from BEST CAR

Lexus RC F Rendering Side Profile

Japanese magazine BEST CAR has made an attempt at the possible Lexus RC F with a new rendering — here’s the full page to start:

Lexus RC F Rendering by Best Car

Here’s a closer look at one of the inset images:

Lexus RC F Rendering Best Car Rear

The renderings are all very close to the LF-CC concept, with minor adjustments like the new IS headlights and IS F style fender vents — not a bad first attempt, but the production RC F will likely have more significant visual adjustments.

More interesting are the technical details — according to BEST CAR, the RC F will be slightly longer (35mm) and slightly wider (35mm) than the new IS, but will have a shorter wheelbase (-70mm). This high performance variant will also be powered by an updated version of the IS F’s 5.0L V8 engine, making just under 450 horsepower.

[Source: Best Car via Club Lexus]


  1. Interesting to see if they do anything to drop weight. The IS seems to be a little heavier than the competition..... BD
  2. the fog lights look akward :|
  3. Will the ISF stay with the V8, or go turbo-six, as it will share an engine with the RCF This rumor says they stand pat, and keep tuning the V8.... BD
  4. This might be the very last NA engine in this segment. I wish they would to something and use CF like the new M3/M4 to drop the weight.
  5. That RCF render is HOT. I can only hope the actual comes close. Please Lexus, note the drawing and execute!!
  6. I'd expect this to be fully launched in early 2015 for MY2016, with a presentation in between summer 2014 and Paris 2014. The RC350 is going be unveiled in some form 4-9 months from now.