Photo Gallery: Lexus LF-CC Concept by Beyond Magazine

Lexus LF-CC

The new Lexus magazine BEYOND launched yesterday, and one of the very first stories posted online is a feature on the LF-CC concept — here’s a quote:

In the past, Lexus enjoyed great success with the SC, a luxury sports coupe known as the Jewel of Lexus because of its elegant appearance and sporty steering.

Since its removal from the lineup in 2010, there has been demand for something to take its place in Lexus’s portfolio. Although it is not a direct successor, the LF-CC, or at least the production model of it, is certainly the natural contender to fill the void that has been left.

The photography of the LF-CC is absolutely stunning:

Lexus LF-CC in the forest

Lexus LF-CC in the forest

Lexus LF-CC in the forest

The presentation of the story is definitely worth checking out — what an outstanding start for the new magazine.

Read the LF-CC feature from Beyond Magazine


  1. The tail lights look closely like the new Lexus IS. Can't wait to see this on the road.
    • It's a concept. You wont see it on the road.
    • Lol...Duh! I know that i'm talking about a production model for this concept I would like to see on the road. We all can see that its a concept Thomas
    • DUH...LOL. This is a concept before the new IS, which is the production model of this concept. You wont see THIS on the road, which you said you "cant wait for".
    • This concept is supposedly based off the new IS and what is suppose to be the RC. So you will see similar parts. If the RC turns out to resemble this, I would be extremely happy.
    • I agree darkride I'm glad Lexus is doing things more interesting.
    • New IS is based on the concept, not the other way round. The ruomered coupe from Lexus, is just a rumour. It probably wont happen, which is just as well.
  2. I guess this is pretty much the new IS-C
  3. On the same site, don't forget this:
  4. Got the Beyond hard print the other day in the mail. Quality print throughout though wishing for more content and pictures on the vehicles. Beautiful IS F-Sport in Nebula Grey shown and the gorgeous LF-CC. Besides some minor toning down of the front and rear lights/fascia (and side mirrors), I expect the RC production vehicle to have the same body, creases, and window trim lines. Think of the LF-Gh and production GS and how close the new IS is to the LF-CC...
  5. The hood looks incredibly tall from the front. Has to have room for a V8 under there..... BD
  6. Hard site to navigate. BD
  7. If the coupe looks anything like this concept, I know what will be on my driveway a year from now.....
  8. If Lexus doesn't change a thing it will stand a pretty good chance against the BMW 4-series or Audi A5. But I'm afraid that if it makes it to production it will be all watered down.