Lexus SC to Return in 2016?

Lexus SC in 2016?

In its latest issue, Japanese magazine Mag-X suggests Lexus will be resurrecting the SC nameplate in 2016 with a production model based on the LF-LC concept — also included is a rendering of what the car might look like (see above).

According to Mag-X, the car would be 4750mm × 1900mm × 1350mm (only slightly larger than the LFA), and engines would include a 3.5L V6 hybrid and a 4.3L V8 turbo — the rest of the translated article is difficult to comprehend, but the timing lines up with a recent story from Automotive News:

After its rave reception at the 2012 Detroit show, Lexus’ flagship coupe concept received a green light from CEO Akio Toyoda. This 2+2 hybrid-powered coupe, which is likely to cost about $120,000, will be more akin to a high-performance LFA-like than a successor to the portly SC coupe. Toyoda has fast-tracked it to arrive in late 2015.

[Source: Mag-X & Automotive News]


  1. Damn 2015/16 is actually very close but yeah we want it them coupes bring it on Lexus!!
  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Best render yet. Would love to see this artist drawing capture the rear of the vehicle.
  4. RAL

  5. Yes! An other rumour and a rendering in a Magazine that actually dont have anything at all to do With reality. Finally, again!
  6. The size of the V8 is kinda important, since Lexus uses a 4.6L V8 now. Why would they stick with a V8, but make it smaller? The SC and Lexus LS have always shared engines, so whatever goes into the SC would be seen in the LS. Would you really put a smaller V8 in the LS? Lexus has a 4.6 and 5.0L V8, so are they both going to be retired for something smaller? I doubt that...... BD
    • MT

      No, they just bring back the UZ engine. It is even more "proven" as the UR :-) All that engine speculation is pure crap.
    • Why "bring back" an old, outdated engine? If the UZ engine were so great, why replace it? They wouldn't have retired it in the first place if it were a better engine than what they have now. BD
    • PG

      It says 4.3L V8 turbo. The forced induction is key here, and completely in line with what the Germans have done. They all have downsized their V8s when they introduced their turbocharged mills. And 4.3L falls right in their ballpark displacement (4.0 Audi, 4.4 BMW, 4.6 Mercedes). The only problem I see here is that these engines have all been out for a while and might move on their next generation just when Lexus (finally) makes to shift over to forced induction.
    • Lexus already has a small V8, and it's more efficient than their old 4.3. No reason to make it smaller. None. BD
  7. nice just dont make it crazy expencive :P
  8. keep it less than 70 - 80 k
  9. Lots of people looking forward to a new 2 door coupe from Lexus. Keep the concepts coming!
  10. It's like a cartoon babe. We know it's not real, but.. baby sure look nice.
  11. put the 4.8v10 please,miss that howlin roar engine
  12. I am looking forward to this car. The SC sounds quite good with its 3.5L V6 hybrid and a 4.3L V8 turbo. I hope the hybrid will be more up-to-date and deliver more than 200 HP. If it doesn't, it will have a hard time matching its competition! some great competitors. Acura, Nissan have always been the premium companies to go to for a 2-door coupe. look in