Lexus SC to Return in 2016?

Lexus SC in 2016?

In its latest issue, Japanese magazine Mag-X suggests Lexus will be resurrecting the SC nameplate in 2016 with a production model based on the LF-LC concept — also included is a rendering of what the car might look like (see above).

According to Mag-X, the car would be 4750mm × 1900mm × 1350mm (only slightly larger than the LFA), and engines would include a 3.5L V6 hybrid and a 4.3L V8 turbo — the rest of the translated article is difficult to comprehend, but the timing lines up with a recent story from Automotive News:

After its rave reception at the 2012 Detroit show, Lexus’ flagship coupe concept received a green light from CEO Akio Toyoda. This 2+2 hybrid-powered coupe, which is likely to cost about $120,000, will be more akin to a high-performance LFA-like than a successor to the portly SC coupe. Toyoda has fast-tracked it to arrive in late 2015.

[Source: Mag-X & Automotive News]