New Production Lexus LF-LC Rendering from GT Channel

Lexus LC 600

GT Channel posted the above rendering to go along with some warmed-over rumors about the production LF-LC:

Toyota is finalizing plans on a luxury coupe that may go by the name LC 550 (Luxury Coupe), based on many elements from the LF-LC concept. This exotic premium AWD will most likely share the LS chassis and price category.

Drivers will have a choice between a 4.2-liter V-8 gasoline engine or a hybrid version utilizing the LC 600h. This coupe is expected to produce about 500 bhp and go zero-to-60 mph in under 5 seconds. Pricing is expected to be in the $100,000-plus neighborhood.

This reads like pure speculation for the most part — for instance, Lexus has been consistent in numbering their models after engine displacement, making a LC 550 with a 4.2L V8 an unlikely combination.

There’s also this small blurb on the production LF-CC:

Look for the third generation of the SC (Sport Coupe) to be built on the GS platform in a V-8 powered model and V-6 Hybrid. The two-door version of this 2+2 will most likely go by the name of SC 450.

While I hold out hope that the SC badge will be revived one day, it’s more likely that Lexus will be using the RC designation after trademarks were filed in Australia & the USA late last year.

(One final thing that jumps out — these rumors from GT Channel suggest at least two brand new engines, a 4.2L V8 for the production LF-LC and a 4.5L V8 for the production LF-CC. What are the chances that Lexus will develop two new V8s back-to-back?)

[Source: GT Channel]


  1. Um... They should use less effort and render something simple and elegant - attractive and realistic.
  2. I'm not totally fond of this rendering like I was last week...I think Lexus will do a much better job.All of the other details sound good though!
  3. Well am not going to read that 2 paragraph but am going to jump in and say it looks great !
  4. This one looks like the Nike logo too much lol.
  5. why not build it the way it is. It looks brilliant since the reveal
  6. Not bad... but im sure it will look better
  7. I cant put into words how stupid these moronic renders of these so-called future Lexus' are. If it was my blog, I would not stupidify it with such nonsense! The fantasy car in the silly picture is really ugly BTW!
  8. I read the full article on GT Channel.  It appears the LC may be more of a LS styled coupe (think Mercedes S sedan & S Coupe) while their is also reference to an all new SC which will likely be styled sportier and be more aligned in design with the LF-LC.  I can see the SC offered as a hardtop convertible to go against the SL and 6 Series and S5 convertible to some degree.  Either way, I'm simply eager for Lexus to begin rolling these products out as they really know how to make you wait - all while new product is being introduced by competitors.  
  9. They need to build a more affordable coupe like their competitors do.
  10. I don't know why they did this render. Lexus has to freeze the design and bring the LF-LC as close as possible like the concept to production. And the article is BS. Where did they pull those engines from? Their imagination? Whatever V8 engines are to come they can only be 5.0l V8 or 4.0l V8. And the LF-LC can never be based on the LS. Next generation LS is likely to get an all new chassis with all new power trains, but thee is no relation between a luxury limo and a high class coupé, at least not the current one. And the RC, will not be a GS Coupé, but an IS Coupé. Just differentiated from the sedan as Audi with the A5 and BMW with the 4 Series. I think nobdy really knows anything about the LF-LC. It could be the SC successor, with 2+2 seats, not just a Bentley Continental GT/ Mercedes CL rival. I would more bet on the LF-LC as the affordable LFA, or Lexus hao car/ flagship model, this time powered not by the amazing V10, but a V8+Hybrid.
    • Even though I support the creation of future model renders based on existing evidence(concepts, leaks/teasers, or prototypes), I do not believe this truly represents an LF-LC. This is representative of an RC350 and to be honest, most Lexus renders are absolutely horrible. This is one of the better ones, but isn't befitting of an IS-related coupe as it looks too regal. Also, the "LC" may be frozen already as the conceptual stage is already done with. It's been 14 months since the original LF-LC finished development, so the production variant may be entering the mid-point of development.  Lexus certainly won't announce when or if the design has been frozen already, so one can only assume. I agree with you and vouch for the LC being a more affordable LFA, which it appears to be. The above render has nothing to do with the production LF-LC and looks nothing like it.
  11. This is just an example of how Lexus shouldn't go with such an epic design. If you wanted to take something incredible, water it down, and make it irrelevant, follow these instructions..... BD