Next-Generation 2014 Lexus IS Confirmed for Detroit Auto Show

Lexus LF-CC Concept

According to Motor Report, Lexus Australia CEO Tony Cramb has confirmed that the next-generation 2014 IS sedan will debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January:

Speaking with TMR in Sydney, Lexus Australia chief Tony Cramb hinted strongly that the new IS sedan, a strong-seller for Lexus in the United States, will make its debut at the biggest event on the North American motor show calendar.

Echoing statements from Lexus International president Kiyotaka Ise, Cramb also mentions that the LF-CC concept will not translate directly into an IS coupe:

“We did confirm that the LF-CC is the basis for a D-segment coupe in the future, but we didn’t confirm that it’s necessarily IS-related,” Mr Cramb said.

“A lot of people are drawing that conclusion, but it’s not completely accurate.”

Cramb also told TMR that other bodystyles, such as a wagon, were not part of Lexus’ plans for the IS.

The last point is sure to disappoint European Lexus fans, but it’s not a surprising decision considering the brand’s focus on models that can be sold worldwide — it’s hard to think that the global market for an IS wagon would justify the expense of development.

I’m also reminded of the quote from Lexus Europe CEO Paul van der Burgh in yesterday’s LF-LC story:

“The fact that we are so committed [to the production LF-LC], automatically means that projects that have less priority will be delayed.”

[Source: The Motor Report]


  1. I can't stand the waiting!! 
  2. Awesome news!!
  3. So, like the GS this year, I fully expect another Lexus "Beast" commercial, or a derivitive, to be shown during the Super Bowl, with sales starting thereafter...... BD
  4. I hope it will kill the 3 series sales. But then again that most likely will not happen! I always take a look at the 3 series and I cant see what the hype is about. I've driven an IS350 F-sports and it was sensational.. I don't think the 335i is any better.. Not to mention the IS350 design is very classy and elegant. And the interior is high quality and comfortable.
    • Having owned a BMW, you need to own it to appreciate it.  I plan to get an IS350 when the new generation is released but there is something very special in the way a 335 feels.  The chassis is amazing and it feels lighter than it is.  Also... it has a proper manual transmission which is something sorely lacking in the IS350.  Having said that, they are all great cars in this class and I'm excited for the next gen IS350.  I have owned 3 BMWs, 2 Infiniti and 1 MB... now it's Lexus' turn :)
  5. Being a European I clearly understand their unwillingness going for a wagon version. Lexus would like to remain the true luxury brand not like for example BMW. BMW sells in Europe also models that have 116 horsepower where you can't speak about any luxury at all (BMW 316d). I doubt that Lexus would go to these number with their IS sedan.
    • Exactly my point. Lexus are true luxury cars. They don't have bargain basement models.
    • How are wagons not considered luxurious? They're roomy and practical and some people want that in a luxury car. The fact that Lexus doesn't offer one (and has no plans to) means that once again their appeal is severely limited. And don't claim "Oh, they should go for an RX then..." - some people don't want an SUV, they want a wagon.
  6. Crunch time Lexus... dont let me down...i'm selling Lexus down here in South Africa...we need a spectacular new generation I.S to really take more of a market share from the Germans... its make it or break it...tick...tock...tick...tock
  7. I heard UK sales will start in May 2013.  So given cars for western Europe take a good 6 to 8 weeks on a boat I would say US sales (esp in California) will start in February or March.  So yes, its a re-run of the GS this year. The IS is too small for me, what interests me is the new hybrid drive train as it will come to the GS some months later (IS gets it first).  ISh is widely expected to get below 100g CO2 (very important for the UK market).  If it does it will be a hot seller around London for sure (and possibly take some sales off the CT).
  8. Did anyone check the OHIM Patent Database or other ones lately? Not only have the design patents for LS facelift and ES been released, but I saw the IS(XE30) there. This morning, while searching specifically for any leaks on the MB W222, Infiniti G37, and any Lexus/MB patents, I saw sketches and a shaded body mid-section image of an unfamiliar Lexus sedan on the list of results. Upon opening the first patent, I frantically tried to study the sketches and then save. Due to a large YouTube video I was downloading, Chrome started to hang and ended up crashing after my laptop froze for 30-40 minutes. I then got a BSOD and after restarting, I found that the image I saved isn't even there amongst the others and neither can I find it on the patent database anymore.  All I keep seeing now are Lexus design patents from the GS on March 31, 2011 up to the ES filed on June 11, 2012. Someone at OHIM(or probably Toyota) has blocked access to the IS patent via "deferment" and I can't even cache the page, as the URL address is the same as the search page. All I could make out from the sketches was that my beliefs were confirmed. The headlights are much sharper and more triangular than the current IS and that the grille seems to be the smallest of the Lexus range. The rear lights pretty much have straighter edges than the ones on the LF-CC, but they are nearly identical as they still slant a little bit at the bottom. The NAIAS teasers I showed were apparently of a prototype design model, not the production design model itself as the bumper looks thicker. The door handles sadly don't a character line running through them either. It looked very aggressive for a CAD-derived outline sketch.