New Rumors on the Lexus Compact Crossover

Lexus NX 200t

Mag-X is on a roll with the Lexus rumors — first it was details on a production coupe in 2014, and now the Japanese magazine is reporting the muchdiscussed compact crossover will also be released by August of next year.

The news also includes some potential engine options — the NX 200t would be powered by 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder; and the NX 300h would share the same 2.5L hybrid engine from the new IS 300h.

Along with the image above, there’s a second illustration that we’ve seen already:

Lexus NX 200h

(While I do like the idea of the compact crossover using design elements from the IS, these illustrations leave a lot to be desired.)

[Source: Mag-X]


  1. The normal RX350 looks so much nicer!
  2. It will look so so so much better than that. That looks like a Toyota design. Not a fan of these dumb renderings
  3. sigh.. looks like the infiniti jx rear.... im just going to wait until 2014... if the nx doesn't come out until then, then im getting my self 2014 subaru forester xt. this is ridiculous lexus you hear? speed up please!!!!!!! stop battling with pokemon with each other!!!
  4. I don't have a problem with the drawings. A new RX should be out fall of 2014, right behind this. I wonder since this will be based on the Rav4 if the Rav4 and this will offer a hybrid? Or just the Lexus? BD
  5. Reading the tealeaves, this is how Lexus will do their SUV lineup over the coming years: 1. NX coming next Spring/Summer with 4-banger and hybrid 2. RX coming next fall with slightly boosted powertrains from the Toyota Highlander, which will be revealed next week in New York. The RX will have a standard and long wheelbase, like Hyundai is doing with the Santa Fe. So it will offer 8 passenger seating. This will stretch the RX range from about $45k in 2014 to $70k. 3. This will also kill off the Lexus GX model, which has never sold in the numbers it should, and the current model is a step back, and a poor competitor to the leader in that class, the Mercedes GL. This also foreshadows the end of the legendary Toyota 4Runner in the US market, which the current GX is loosely based on in platform, along with the Prado overseas. BD
    • I agreed about the GX model. When was the last revision do it? I don't think it has been updated since it was originally released. I just hope the RX doesn't become square looking like the GX and the GL and they still have the F Sport package bonus if it was an F to compete vs the Porshse. I'm assuming this new crossover would compete with the X3 and the GLK?
    • The RX will always have an aero design. It's been winning since Day One. The GX is actually a truck, so it would have a trucks front-end..... BD
    • The GXwas redone in 2010. Totally redid it and it is not as good as the original version when it came out in 03
    • Actually it was in late 2009, not 2010. The original came out in 2002, not 2003 either(unveiled Jan '02, sold from Dec. '02).
    • The original GX and Land Cruiser Prado went unchanged from 2002 to 2007 with minor upgrades. The 2nd generation GX was unveiled in 2009.
    • MT

      The Highlander will carry over the existing powertrains. No change is expected here. Only possibility is the addition of the ES300h powertrain.
    • Whoever made the mistake on the Lf-xh should have been dismissed. Was I ever disappointed when the LF-xh wasn't put into production.
  6. looks like a KIA - hopefully lexus will move more in the direction of of Range Rover Evoque territory - come on Lexus - this should be groundbreaking!!
  7. I can't wait for a NX , it is my dream come true , I just hope that it will be real guy car, like forester only by Lexus
  8. Rear 3/4 rendering is pretty nice. Looks like a cross between the Acura RDX, Infiniti EX, and Audi Q5. The front rendering is so-so. Regardless, I'm excited for this model and I know the actual prod model will be a hit especially on the interior if latest Lexus models indicate. Please Lexus, stay true to the rumor mill for a 2014 Q4 release as a 2015, my RX lease comes up then and I'm dying for a smaller Lexus CUV.
  9. looks like the rear of a rav4 and a big venza
  10. Krew, any word what lexus might annouce at the NY Autoshow next week? (if anything)