Lexus LF-CC Approved for Production, Compact Crossover Under Consideration

Lexus LF-CC Production

Autocar is reporting that a coupe based on the Lexus LF-CC has been approved for production:

First seen at the Paris show in September this year, the LF-CC is expected to morph into a showroom model by 2015.

Autocar understands that a senior Lexus engineer has been assigned to the project and serious work will start on the production engineering at the beginning of 2013.

The new sports model is likely to come in both cabrio and fixed-head forms and is thought to be based on the same rear-drive platform as the new IS and GS models, probably using the IS’s shorter wheelbase and the GS’s wider track.

This echoes details shared by Lexus International president Kiyotaka Ise in a interview last month, although Ise-san did suggest that this new coupe would be released by 2014, not 2015. When released, it’s expected that the model will be named the Lexus RC.

Also mentioned is Lexus’s possible compact crossover:

The source also admitted that the company was seriously studying building a compact SUV similar in concept to Land Rover’s Evoque. However, the idea was ‘still being considered’ mainly because of the doubts that such a model would fit in with Lexus’s future direction.

While surprising that Lexus has yet to release a compact crossover, it’s hard to believe that the delay is due to the model being a poor fit — SUVs are not about to disappear from the lineup, and a smaller, sportier crossover is a natural extension of Lexus’s performance direction.

(More likely, the issue is cannibalizing sales of the more-expensive RX, which is the best selling Lexus model in the world.)

[Source: Autocar]


  1. Lexus has developed a mental block building anything above, or below the RX. They had a chance to build the HPX Concept 10 years ago, and they would've had the market share the Mercedes GL enjoys today, but they blew that. They have been testing an upscale Rav4 in recent months.  What's up with that? BD
    • A cheaper, smaller NX250 or 200 outselling the more expensive RX350 is not good! You see why it's hard to make anything a tier lower than the RX
    • Who said the NX ever would outsell the RX? The RDX has never come close to selling like the MDX.   Vehicles in that class aren't big sellers. If you move over 30k a year, you are doing work! The RX sells 90k a year. It has nothing to fear..... BD
    • Yeah but I think Lexus needs sport coupes and sedans to be a priority before a new baby SUV But I always see a 2012 IS350 and it looks so nice. Can't believe It looks so good inside and out for an almost 8yrs old car!!!
  2. IMO Lexus takes really long to put a car in production. And SUPER SLOW to responding to the market demands... 
    • I'm inclined to agree. I appreciate they don't want to do anything rash,but surely they could be just a little bit bolder and quicker in their product planing without risking bankruptcy?
  3. This expected news made my day.  I'm ready to place an order NOW.  Although Lexus should have had a competent coupe' years ago to challenge the segment I'm very elated this is poised to happen.  NOW we just need confirmation that M4 fighting RCF variant is on the way!  That's what I want.  
  4. I expect a production-ready model to debut at the 2014 LA Auto Show..... MAKE IT SO! BD
  5. Slowly but surely they're getting there. The IS C was never the 3/4-Series competitor it should have been.
  6. 75th Global Anniversary for Toyota this year. There is no special over the top concept or production car commemorating this milestone? #shame. #toyota/lexusmoveslikesnails. 
  7. you can rush perfection (remember their tag line the pursuit of perfection and creating amazing) u cant do both by making a car in one year if nit was so all these award would go some where else not Lexus
  8. DND

    If the compact crossover is 'under consideration' then why did they trademark the NX?
  9. I'm tired of this roller coaster ride with no end. One moment there's hope for a 2014 model-year release of the compact SUV from various comments, spy shots and the like over the years, then a statement like this comes along that "Lexus is seriously studying a compact SUV"??  Are you serious Lexus?  You've been saying this the last 5+ years! Look around and see how many X1s, X3s, GLKs, RDXs, XC60s, Q5s (and upcoming Q3s) are around. 
    • Lexus hasnt said anything about if or when they would release a compact SUV, so hold your horses. Its only your own fault that you base your belief on various blogs and so. Lexus hasnt "been saying this the last 5+ years" but others have speculated about it. Get your facts straight. Lexus doesnt owe you anything.
  10. What about the recently trademarked NX?
  11. Why does everyone want small SUV? The RX350 is great and it's a success story.. Anything smaller than the RX350 would make your question if its actually a luxury vehicle or just a luxury 'badge' Look at all the low end German SUVs.. They are nasty! Only purchase for their badge! Lexus is substance. All Germans care about are making as much volume as possible, profits FIRST, customers LAST That's the German philosophy.
    • Agree with that! It's sometimes like people on this blog wants Lexus to make cars that has nothing to do with Lexus. Now they want a small, cheap SUV, before today and tomorrow probably, they want Lexus to make them a 4 cyl. turboinduced muscle-car with flame-paint, chrome and fake-carbon. as one person says; "I EXPECT it to deliver one million horsepowers, and Lexus could just drop its weight. Just drop the weight, you know" , probably.
    • Yeah I know. People need to understand the basic fundament principles behind the Lexus brand and what they do.. There's always BMW, Mercedes etc if you don't like Lexus..
    • OK, but what about the CT and the Lexus principles ?  What you can say about the CT is also true for the (maybe/maybe not) coming NX.