No Lexus Coupe Until 2014?

A production coupe based on the Lexus LF-CC is still one to two years away, according to a interview with the president of Lexus International, Kiyotaka Ise:

“[The LF-CC] is the concept for the coupe that we want to launch as soon as possible. In the near future. One or two years,” the president of Lexus International, Kiyotaka Ise, confirms to Carsguide at the Paris motor show.

And what about the size and design future of the IS, as reflected in the LF-CC?

“This is a similar size type to an IS,” Ise admits. “We’re not really in a position to say anything but we’re not denying it. It’s not an IS coupe, but I think it will meet your expectation.”

While this may be a case of Lexus managing expectations, a two-year timeframe is not unusual — BMW introduced the new 3-series sedan last October and have yet to release the rumored 4-series coupe, while the gap between the Mercedes C-Class sedan and coupe was four years long.

Still, this does mean a long wait until the Lexus lineup has a coupe.

(Ise-san’s comments also confirm one other point — this coupe will not share the same name with the IS.)


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  • October 4, 2012
Looks like the IS sedan next Spring, and the IS Coupe (Which it is, but they won't call it that) Spring/Summer 2014.... BD
  • F
  • October 5, 2012
Look like they follow the similar time frame as the last time:
  • S
  • January 30, 2013
It's about time they bring back the old coupes. I had a SC300 and it was my all time favorite car. It was sporty and sexy and held more then 2 people in it at a time! Every time I see one on the road even now I have to look! 
Looks like the next "F" to me.