No Higher Powered Lexus CT Until 2017?

Lexus CT 200h

According to a GoAuto interview with Lexus International general manager Andrew Kirby, a more-powerful Lexus CT will not be offered until (at least) 2017:

“There is no potential” for a more powerful CT in the medium term, said Mr Kirby.

Asked if there was scope for a hot CT to be introduced at the model’s mid-life facelift stage, Mr Kirby said: “(in the) next 3-5 years, probably not; after that then yes”.

“The car looks the part and the suspension and driving feeling is sporty so we agree there is potential for (a hot CT) but we can’t deliver on that quite yet.”

This news comes five months after GoAuto’s interview with Lexus Australia marketing manager Peter Evans, when it was suggested that a higher-powered CT could be introduced at this year’s Paris Auto Show — here’s the quote from that article:

Another likely unveil for [the Paris Auto Show in September] is a hot hatch variant of the CT200h and Mr Evans revealed its arrival is “a matter of when rather than if – or rather when and what because there are a few alternatives”.

The idea of a CT hot-hatch is an appealing one — the hatchback is clearly capable of handling more power, and the current 1.8L hybrid engine can leave the CT feeling under-utilized in certain situations.

However, I have to think it’s a similar situation to not offering the IS hybrid in North America and even the delay introducing a compact crossover — adding a model that competes with existing vehicles is not a priority for Lexus, and a CT hot-hatch is potentially in the same league as the IS 250 in price and performance.

[Source: GoAuto via: Kaizen Factor]


  1. Another Lexus mistake. 1.  The 2.5 V6 will fit in the CT, and it would only bring in more traffic 2.  They would bring in customers who want a CT with good power, which is not an option now. 3.  What is the downside of a CT with more power?  It's the perfect mid-gen upgrade. BD
    • I was under the impression that the current 1.8L I4 is pretty tightly packaged into the engine bay -- there's not much room for more. Lexus would then have to wait until they redesign the next gen (2017) with enough space for a larger engine.
  2. JB

    What a disappointment yet again. No compact CUV, now no CT 300h or similar. The market screams for these two vehicles. Makes absolutely no sense. The demand is there. 
  3. MT

    This is really bad news. I am on the road for 3 weeks now with dads CT. It is a wonderful car. But all people that i know say the same: A more powerful CT would be great. Fit and finish, the suspension, comfort, features are all first class and the best you can find in the compact class. But for a 40k € car the engine is too much of an economy thing. It can't outrun my 20k € Auris. Maybe I have some time left in the winter holidays to write an in depth comparison to my Auris (Corolla hatch) wich shares the platform/wheelbase with the CT.
  4. wwl

    Another disappointing decision. I'm afraid to say it: Lexus policy suck! It looks like they want Lexus to fail.
  5. They really need to inject some life into this car somehow for people to take it seriously. It's like it's almost great, but misses a few too many check boxes. I considered leasing a CT to replace my Matrix XRS, but ultimately felt like I was giving up too much. The CT had a smaller interior, it's a lot slower, the premium sound system is a step down from the JBL branded stuff in my car, and overall it just didn't have that "Lexus feel" I was expecting.  I really want to like this car. It looks great, the price is right, and obviously the efficiency is stellar, but it's in this awkward place where it's not quite opulent enough to be a luxury car, and not entertaining enough to be a sports car. It needs more of something.
    • MT

      You really tried the Mark Levinson in the CT? This is definitely one of the best I have ever experienced. It surpasses the sound quality of a bunch of much higher priced vehicles by far. The sound is crystal clear and without distortion up to full concert sound volume. Not just that, it makes you feel inside the music. No matter what you throw at it, it will give you a great listening experience. I hellsbellsed my ears out, wished the swedes never stopped singing chiquitita and let vanglis conquer the paradise. And every time i come to the conclusion, that this thing is worth more than every single euro that it cost!