New Lexus Model to Debut at Paris Motor Show?

2013 Lexus RX

In an interview with GoAuto, Lexus Australia marketing manager Peter Evans has revealed that a new mystery model will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in late September:

LEXUS will officially launch its latest LS limousine to media in San Jose, California, on July 30 before its public world debut at the Paris show in September, where the Japanese luxury brand is also preparing to unveil a show-stopper.

Lexus Australia marketing manager Peter Evans told GoAuto that, in addition to the new LS, the Paris show will “be worth looking at from our perspective”.

Evans was reticent to provide more details as his employers would be “really upset if I blew the cover on what is going to happen at Paris”.

The mystery unveil could be a product to fill one of the gaps in the Lexus line-up, such as a compact SUV or sports coupe – both of which Mr Evans said are “on the horizon and under consideration”.

Given that a production LF-LC is directly tied to the success of the new GS, I have to think a compact SUV is more likely — if so, Lexus will finally be filling the biggest gap in the lineup.

Of course, questions immediately spring to mind: Will it be a mini-RX or a larger CT? Will it debut as a concept or a final production model?

Evans also mentions the possibility of higher-powered CT:

Another likely unveil for Paris is a hot hatch variant of the CT200h and Mr Evans revealed its arrival is “a matter of when rather than if – or rather when and what because there are a few alternatives”.

A brand-new mystery model, a rumored hot hatch CT, the auto show debut of the new LS, and a low-displacement GS hybrid, all at the Paris Auto Show? Looks like Lexus is taking Europe very seriously.

(Please note, the above image is the RX 450h, and not a teaser for the new mystery model.)

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  1. It's a whole new model ? I was hoping for next generation Lexus IS . :
    • My local dealer told me the IS will debut in Paris.
    • That's what my dealer tolds me also.... It's about time, with the new BMW 4 around the corner. If Lexus takes Europe seriously :-)
    • The article brings up the new IS as well, which I'll be writing out in a separate article -- here's the quote: Mr Evans revealed that “early publicity” for the third generation of the volume-selling IS sedan will begin towards the end of this year, suggesting a Detroit reveal in the New Year. Looks like the IS reveal won't be until Detroit.
    • I thought IS as well but i really think its gonna be a sport car. What's weird is that we haven't seen any other models being tested. Where are they testing these cars?
    •  Japan where spy photographers for some stupid reason don't publish their work for global access. Most of these prototypes are seen late in the testing process.
  2. Drooling in anticipation. #win
  3. When can we see a GS-F? Haha
  4. J B

    We know the next IS is coming and I don't see this labeled as a "brand new model". Please let this be the much rumored and long overdue CX 300h cuv. I'm ready to trade in my (amazing) RX to downsize and get great mileage.
    • I'm just waiting for such a thing.My wife wants one really bad & it doesn't even exist yet.We'll be waiting!
  5. I'm guessing GS coupe! or maybe a new SC replacement with a different badge perhaps? ;)
  6. If it's a production version of the LF-LC my head may very well explode with excitement!
  7. Can you smell CX300h? ;)
  8. Totally unexpected, my prayers have been answered: more powerful CT, but hopefully not at the expense of fuel economy. So glad I waited!
  9. A small SUV is coming, based on the new RAV4, which is also coming this year. I wouldn't expect to see it launch until after the IS release next winter..... BD
  10. F1

    The current IS350 looks so nice though,..
  11. I think it's too early for the smaller cross-over. Being based on the Rav4,I expect it to be launched after it's Toyota sibling,not before.
  12. The 3 biggest car magazines in Germany are saying there will be a IS Concept at the Paris Motor Show. And the LS as a facelift model!! But i thought we will get a FMC in 2012?!? The small SUV is very important for the Europe i think we will see this model at Geneva in March 2013. For Detroit i hope (and wish) we will see something REALLY new from Lexus!! As other guys already said a GS coúpe would be the next logical step. Nice to read that Lexus plans a higher-powered CT. Looks like my next car is coming down the road.....
  13. I think it will be an IS-F convertible