Lexus Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle in 2015?

Lexus Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Bloomberg is reporting that Lexus may be getting a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as early as next year:

At the Tokyo Motor Show in November, [Toyota] plans to show a hydrogen-powered sedan that would be sold as a 2015 model. It could be available in U.S. dealerships as soon next year for a price comparable to a mid-size BMW or Tesla Model S.

Toyota had said the model would be a Lexus with a price about $50,000. It’s now non-committal on the brand, and the car will cost in the neighborhood of $50,000, “depending on how big your neighborhood is,” Chris Hostetter, U.S. group vice president for advanced product development, told reporters last month.

While there seems to be no doubt that a fuel cell vehicle is coming, it’s unclear if it will actually be a Lexus — still, it would explain the modified HS 250h spotted in the USA:

The Bloomberg article serves as a great starting point for anyone curious about fuel cell vehicles — it makes for some exciting possibilities, even if consumer adoption will be limited in the short term by a lack of hydrogen gas stations.

(The above photo is the Toyota FCV-R concept from the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show — which coincidentally looks just like the HS 250h.)

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