Lexus Compact Crossover Concept Coming to Tokyo Motor Show?

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According to a The Age interview with executive vice president of Lexus International, Kazuo Ohara, Lexus could bring a compact crossover concept to the Tokyo Motor Show in November:

Specific details are still under wraps, but Ohara told Drive that the new SUV is a crucial model if the brand intends to increase its growth worldwide.

“Yes, we believe there is a need,” Kazuo says. “Smaller than the RX – a smaller SUV is going to be a promising option for the global market.”

“So we are looking into it,” he says.

When asked whether the car would be based off the same platform as the boxy, urban-focused CT200h hatchback, Ohara replied with caution.

“It’s still secret, but we are seriously considering [offering a car such as this].”

Kazuo confirmed that a concept vehicle will be uncovered this year, “maybe around Tokyo [motor show]”, which falls in late November.

It’s only natural to turn to the future now that the next-generation IS has been introduced, and this is the first public statement that starts to fill in the 2013 timeline.

As mentioned during Mark Templin’s press conference, the 2014 IS will be available at dealerships in June — with the GX & CT as the only two models that have yet to receive the full spindle grille treatment, Lexus now has the flexibility to introduce new models to the lineup.

[Source: The Age Drive]


  1. Along with the Spindle Grille, the CT could definitely use some upgrades under the hood in the near future.... BD
  2. Wasn't the CT consider as having a spindle grille... Remember Lexus show off the whole spindle grille line up every one was there including the CT and excluding the IS and GX now the IS got his I think the GX need his along with a new platform hopefully not a Land Cruiser anymore Lexus can rule the SUV/CUV market the RX bring in so much customers the LX most expensive in its class and doing well the GX is like the odd man out he need his spindle grille Acura already taken RX design Q's like it pillar shape on the new MDX n RDX and vehicle shape on the RDX and hopefully GX can have a car platform and not a truck leave that to LX and Tundra and Tacoma... And I do agree the CT is a hot hatch it could use a spindle upgrade along with some non hybrid model and a CT F to take down that Audis A3
    • Do you mean this image? I'm not sure if this is the CT facelift, as it still looks the same. The 2014 IS was actually shown last year at the NAIAS, but to the press only. They actually didn't spot it as the video went by too fast. I only found it last year by freeze-framing the video and spotting it. Amazing how I couldn't tell how the headlights looked like this.
  3. This is kind of popping up suddenly & unexpectedly, (albeit,much needed for a few years already) but at the same time,so very far away...and for just the concept-not the production version!I have to cut Lexus some slack though...they have REALLY had their hands full for the last couple of years! 
  4. Maybe the CT or GX will get a facelift for the New York Auto Show in April? Lexus likes to do something big for the New York Show.  Big market for them.... BD
  5. The RAV4-derived prototype is running and the render is out by the BestCar magazine in Japan.