2014 Lexus CT 200h Update on the Way?

Lexus CT 200h 2014 Update

The CT 200h is one of only two models in the Lexus lineup that has yet to be upgraded to the full spindle design, and Japanese magazine Mag-X has put together a rendering of what the update might look like — here’s the full page, via Club Lexus:

Lexus CT 200h 2014 Update Full Page

While the language barrier prevents a lot of detail, it’s clear that Mag-X expects the update to come in December of this year — considering the timing and current design push, the 2014 CT F SPORT may just look similar to the design above.

[Source: Mag-X via Club Lexus]


  1. It will arrive this december. ;-)
  2. pit

  3. Looks OK.. Hopefully it will have a different engine option as well...and a modest re-design would help too (but that wont happen yet of course)
  4. Nice! Needs more brawn to back up those aggressive looks. Too bad the engine bay can't fit a larger engine.
  5. Pleeeeaaasssee Lexus, make this aesthetic update as well as a naturally aspirated engine option. =)
  6. Yep, CT needs more engine options and offered as a sedan on the US and Asian markets. And yes the CT sedan would be "small" enough to life side-by-side with the IS sedan.
  7. Needs a 200HP ICE option to go with it. Or take the Scion tC's engine..... BD
  8. Love the spindle grill, but is it starting to look too much the same across all Lexus models? Then again, look at Audi and BMW...
    • Well the LS, ES and CT all look different Plus cars like the IS have two different Spindle Grilles. Lexus has done a great job with the new designs. Each is distinctive enough, unlike say Audi, with it's gaping hole, with zero style! BD
  9. Looks amazing, hope the IS 300h system fits in the engine bay - would give it a nice performance boost!
  10. At least we now know what it def won't look like!
  11. Finally!!!!!!! I've always loved the superb CT design but i've never been a fan of the small grille especially after that the spindle has been adopted by the rest of the lineup suv/truck included.
  12. MT

    If they put in a 2,5 litre engine, it will be the port injected only, like in the camry. But this will be more than enough for this car. The 200h is lacking under the hood. But i doubt that they bring a powertrain update, as the car sells really well worldwide. Just not here in Europe. About the 300h engine not fitting in the bay, i am not so sure about that. Why would they trademark the CT300h if they knew that it won't fit?
    • I heard from my lexus rep that they were going to slam a turbo in the Euro model for 2014, have you heard the same?
  13. I can forgive the CT being underpowered. But the RIDE is T E R R I B L E !! I hope so much they improve the suspension dramatically. No Mercedes owner would ever put up with the crashy ride in the current car.
    • Joe

      I agree that the ride is a bit 'hard' with 17" wheels. But have you ever tried the new A class with 17"? Not really better...
    • Yeah I've heard the new A is bad also. I imagine their newer younger demographic might gloss over that because of how it looks. In the price range though, the CT is bang in the middle of C class territory - which rides on a cushion of air (its what I was comparing). I'd also driven the IS which was much nicer also. Shame.Hopefully they correct it, I'd read they were going to somewhere.
  14. Why do the Hybrids all come with a CVT is it just part of the greening solution or is there another reason a Hybrid cannot handle an Auto/manual box? A very interesting car the CT but needs to offer more for the price for Sales to really take off - or lower the price and leave as is.