Lexus to Cancel the GX in 2016, Replace with Seven-Seat Crossover?

Lexus GX 460

According to Mark Rechtin of Automotive News, Lexus will cancel the GX in 2016 and replace it with a seven-seat crossover called the TX:

GX: The 2014 midcycle freshening for the truck-based SUV includes a trapezoidal fascia and more telematics, although there will be such cost-cutting measures as manual third-row seats. The GX will be removed from the lineup in the fall of 2016 to make room for the car-based TX.

TX: Talk about missed opportunities. It has been 10 years since Lexus unveiled the HPX seven-seat car-based crossover concept at the New York auto show — and we’ll wait at least three more years to see a production version on public roads when it arrives in late 2016 or early 2017. Toyota has applied for a trademark for the TX nameplate. Toyota is secretive about whether the TX would use the RX-Avalon front-wheel-drive architecture for packaging benefits or use the IS/GS rear-wheel-drive architecture for a sportier feel.

This move was hinted at earlier this year in a Ward’s Auto interview with Lexus USA vice-president of marketing Brian Smith:

Smith says one of the brand’s two large body-on-frame SUVs, the GX and LX, could be converted to unibody platforms as the auto maker works to meet looming government-imposed fuel-economy regulations.

“In the future, if we could do a 3-row unibody (utility vehicle), I think that’s what consumers would want to see,” he says.

Swapping out the GX for a car-based crossover is a sensible move — a larger RX-style vehicle would have a larger potential market, and there’s no need for two body-on-frame SUVs in the Lexus lineup any more.

What do you think — should Lexus be canceling the GX and replacing it with a crossover?

[Source: Automotive News]


  1. Lexus GX is Toyota LC Prado , I'm hoping both Prado & GX became monocoque frame to reduce weights , improve fuel ecomony & hopefully makes handling better ; but please don't make it looks stupid like the new X5 or ML , try to learn from Mitsubishi Pajero , a Monocoque frame SUV but still looks like a body-on-frame SUV ! I hope LX or LC will keep being body-on-frame SUV , they're meant to be body-on-frame , aka cheaper to repair when accident happens ... monocoque frame is a touch of moving forward , but sometime you have to stay on the same idea . I thought RX is still based on Camry ? But then Avalon is roughly a longer Camry , isn't it ? Anyway , I hope TX will be based on IS/GS but looks good on design ! But what I don't get is , the TX is still plan to looks like off-road car ? If with that , try to take Toyota Highlander & modified it , that car , IMO is one of the best looking 7-seater "SUV" (yeah , I added "" because it wasn't really good as off-roader) . Highlander was available in Japan as Kluger (it's still available in Australia as Kluger) , and I love the Kluger a lot ! It shared many stuff as the first Lexus RX or Toyota Harrier , but it's bigger & longer (later model have 3-row of seat , sitting 7) !
    • MT

      The LC Prado will stay body on frame. They sell so many of them in countries like middle east, SE asia, etc where roads are really bad. Moving the Prado to unibody would kill it as a whole.
    • Hmmm , maybe that explained why Mitsubishi Pajero aren't that famous nowadays , when compare with Prado ?
    • Right now it seems that the 2016 RX and TX are at the stage in which the production bodies are already designed. The next Prado likely isn't reached that yet, but it's proportions, design, and chassis components are still being decided on into next year. Trademarks are rarely filed by Toyota before an exterior appearance is finalized, confirming production of a vehicle if approved by management. That will usually take place around 2 years at Lexus/Toyota, for production engineering to ready it. Only the LFA, LC100 (Summer 1994) and LC200 (2004-05) were designed 3 years in advance.of introduction.
    • Speaking of LC100 , aka LX470 in USA ... I just love the timeless design , IMO even today , that car looks young , doesn't looks like it was design in 90s ! Or maybe everything from the 90s are timeless design ? Like the RX (Harrier) , the IS (Altezza) , the GS (Aristo) & the LS (Celsior) ?
  2. TX sounds like a certain State......why not just keep the GX name?
  3. If Lexus introduces the TX as a larger (than RX) cross-over that would suggest that the next RX will be roughly the same size as the current one,which in turn suggests the NX might be smaller than the RX to avoid cannibalizing sales,and that would explain the CT-type mule. In my head that made sense. I think. ;-)
    • The GX is definitely gonna be larger and bigger than the current RX since one of the main points is to switch from a truck platform to a SUV unibody platform used on the RX. The RX is gonna be smaller since it won't have a third row.
    • I'd say the "TX" is a RX with longer rear , like Highlander/Kluger to the RX/Harrier .
    • It's possible, as both the RX and TX have passed the design stage already. Similarly, the ES300h was trademarked in December 2010, a few months after the new ES was transferred to production engineering and that came out last year. Subtract 2 years from most Lexus models and you'll figure out their development patterns.
  4. why naming the gx after a state? just leave it remodel for a jx look and even a hybrid for fuel regulation
  5. and why car like? thats not what the gx is known for....
  6. why not just keep the GX name GX is a household name and it goes along with the LX
  7. They can do whatever to it but keep the name GX!!!!!!
    • Keep the same name. The GX has its history and recognition already while the TX has nothing. It seems to be smart move, people nowadays don't use their SUV to go through the jungle or de desert. People who are want a third row seat but like the RX had to move to another brand because Lexus had nothing... with the new GX built on a unibody frame structure, that shouldn't be a problem.
  8. In a business perspective, it do make sense. It will make the lx an extremely niche vehicle and that's good. The only issue that bothers me is that what if toyota introduce the next prado as more refined and capable body on frame SUV? Anyway this is a good move for lexus.
  9. I like the GS as it is, but a smart business move would be to replace with a crossover. I would rather see it be a RWD, IS/GS based vehicle rather than stretched RX, FWD camry based vehicle.
  10. The new name is stupid. Just like infiniti naming all their new cars Qxx
  11. pls..Keep the name GX . And add more sportier types...Like the Germans!
  12. Well, just what I expected somewhat. Looks like this is being developed really early if due in late 2016. Trademarks usually are filed alongside a designed production body, so this might be out in 2015 or early 2016. Lexus usually does this no more than 24-30 months before market introduction. They really should replace the LC200 in the states with the next generation LC180 Prado in 2016 at a lower price point. The TX replaces the GX and the RX will be showcased in late 2014. The next LX (J300) should arrive in 2016-17 by itself. The Lexus design department has been busy this past year with the NX CUV, RC range, next LS, LC(?) coupe, 2016 RX, TX CUV, and next LX (due in a few years).
  13. Lexus makes the right move. Too bad it's taking them 13 years to make it. BD
  14. Agree with everyone else. Switch to car-based (unibody) platform; KEEP the GX name. There is too much history, substance and loyalty built up behind the GX name to give it up and start over.
  15. The current GX is such an awesome off-road with comfort, luxury, and reliability for its money. It's really sad to hear that they are going to replace this with a 7 seats RX. By the way, I'm just curious how can people who are able to pay 60 grants+ on a car worry about paying one more thousand dollars on gas each year for this big guy.
  16. Will the RX get a facelift yet remain the same size? We are due for a new one and like the current size. We were going to get a 2015 but would rather wait if they are going to change it. We currently have a 2010.
    • There is going to be no facelift, but a major redesign coming next year and it will be revolutionary and has grown in size (design finished last year). I own a 2013 RX450h (my sister's, but I maintain it) bought last August and it will be replaced by either the NX or next generation RX next autumn.
    • Thanks Carmaker1 That's exciting to hear about. I hope they fix or improve a few things, mostly on their nav system. Perhaps they have already. With ours being 2010, that's totally possible.
  17. Lexus did a rather poor job at redesigning and remodeling the GX 470 in 2010 and renaming it the GX 460. The GX470 was a superior vehicle in many ways to the GX460. Lexus claims to have designed the GX460 for seated passengers rather than cargo carrying capabilities. However, if that was the case they they did a very poor job in designing the GX470. The second row seats are amongst the poorest designed seating from an ergonomical stand-point on the market. They offer poor thigh support and minimal lumbar support. They appear as cheap flat boards. The third row seats are strictly for young children and for short short rides at that. Gas mileage remains poor. Cargo capacity and the lack of storage compartments leaves much to be desired. The vehicle ride was always decent for a body on frame vehicle. It was just evident that Lexus did not wish to spend much money redesigning a niche vehicle, therefore GX sales were not great.
  18. I must transport massive dogs in my vehicle and a Cross probably wouldn't hold up to the challenge over the long hall.
  19. In my opinion, its time for Gx to be made monocoque (without chassis) as its being used mostly as a family car than serious off roader. By doing this it will deliever better mileage, comfort as well as drivability. It would also be economical.