Lexus RX 200t Trademark Registered in Australia

Lexus RX 200t

Lexus has registered RX 200t as a trademark in Australia, indicating that a fourth engine option for the SUV may be offered in the future.

Registered on April 4th, 2013 under trademark #1550008, this continues the speculation that Lexus will be receiving the new 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder previously announced by Toyota. It will also be the second Lexus model to trademarked with this new 200t suffix — the mystery NX 200t was registered late last year in the USA, Canada, and Australia. The NX is rumored to be a brand new compact crossover model.

(This turbocharged four-cylinder could make its way through most of the Lexus lineup — beside this RX 200t & the NX 200t, the engine is also rumored to be used in the new IS at some point.)

[Source: ATMOSS]


  1. I'd take a CT200t.
  2. "200t" sounds like "toot".. did nobody else think of that?
  3. Hallelujaaaaaaaaaah! That will bring the price down in many countries according to tax structures!!!!!
  4. MT

    Will the 200t replace the 270?
  5. Encouraging to see this new engine is good enough for the heavier RX as well which speaks volumes on the engine's capabilities. Very encouraging!
  6. Joe

    Oh hell... volume numbers are speaking again... Lucky Australians... Unfortunately to compete the German 3 (or even Jaguar) in Europe we still need an RX 300h, an LS 450h, an IS 450h, an IS wagon, a GS wagon, a hybrid coupe-convertible, a small hybrid roadster... all for the brand image, not for pure volume of course. Allright, I will stop moaning and keep on dreaming ;-)
  7. Lexus cheaping up the brand? MIght as well buy a Daewoo like BlackDynamiteOnline has.
  8. Logiacal step for lexus, althoug personally i don't like small displacement turbo engines. The market is clearly there. I also expect a gs200t gs300h and a rx 300h as well as the is200t and the ct 200t
  9. What about RX300h?