Lexus & BMW Working on Next-Generation LFA?

Lexus LFA II Best Car

According to the November cover of Japanese magazine Best Car, Lexus & BMW are working on a joint-project to build the next-generation LFA — there’s even a rendering of what this LFA II might look like:

Lexus LFA II

This seems extremely unlikely (to put it lightly), but it should sell plenty of magazines when the issue comes out on November 9th.

[Source: Best Car]


  1. That's something I unexpected , because I always thought the Toyota-BMW deal was just Toyota brand , not included Lexus ... anyway , if Lexus-BMW made LFA II , can it use cheap BMW CFRP technology ? Or at least ask BMW teach Lexus to be cheap .
  2. Well the President of TMC and CEO of BMW did sign an agreement of future collaboration of their product,I doubt the LFA 2 was part of the list. But we never know.
  3. That's a pretty sweet looking rendering.
  4. There is a simple rule Since: The LFA should not have any other Rembrandt variant in any other brand Since: BMW will not benefit from this project at all Since: BMW already working now hard with Toyota on the next generation Supra Therefore: the only way that LFA -II will involve BMW in it's design process is by Toyota Corp to acquire a percentage in BMW to work directly with the M division!!!!!!
  5. Does anyone have the language skills to translate the captions for the photo of the red hatchback upper right?
  6. MD

    Lexus did a phenomenal job with the LFA and they did it all by themselves (with Yamaha ofcourse). If there was any remote truth to this, Lexus does not need BMW to produce another LFA. Lexus has all of the equipment and components from LFA 1 they could use. There is nothing BMW can bring to the table that can make an LFA 2 better (again, even if there was any truth to this).
  7. Its actually the second time I've heard this…could be interesting….
  8. God I hope not..the thing will break down in 5 months!
  9. SWEET rendering though !
  10. And the big loser in all this will ultimately be Lexus.... If anything BMW will be the beneficiary in all this, if there is a modicum of truth to this BS rumor... BMW has never really built a supercar that even comes close to the LFA... gawd i hope this is just stupid wishful thinking among the japanese Beemer will only sabotage the Lexus brand, NO!!!! Lexus NO!!! Stay AWAY from that german junk....
  11. Woot woot! Two of my favorites creating a bonkers beast machine. #Yay
  12. nothing but BMWs name will be written all over the car with praise if this happens! Dont do it Lexus, WOW the world again by yourselves like you did with the first LFA
  13. IF the first LFA is better driving and better built then ANY BMW ever made... why does Lexus need BMW to build the second one ... anyone ?
  14. An LFA showed up at "M Fest" and with a professional race car driver, Lexus LFA kicked every single modded and unmodded M car's a** around the race track (some were heavily modified with racing slicks). LFA simply blew through all of the M cars including the new M5 and M6. All while screaming like an F1 racing car around the track. Simply put, LFA is something BMW cannot produce because of the level of passion and commitment Lexus put into LFA. Why on earth would Lexus benefit from BMW being involved in a car they already perfected themselves?? Only reason could be cost cutting, but that would not be an LFA, if it is not a super exotic.
    • Maybe the rumour is a hoax and there helping Toyota with there diesel technologies or something along those lines the next range of Hiace vans hahahahaha.
  15. 1. I wipe my bum with that rendering. 2. Lexus/Toyota has always proven that they don't need BMW, or anyone else, to build sports car greatness. But I'm sure they don't want to lose their shirt, again, building another LFA, although they should be able to amortize the costs through the heavy investments into the first generation. Looks like BMW is looking to get into the game, and needs the help of Lexus to build a great sports car. Whudda thunk it? BD
  16. umm..Toyota needs M tech to build more super sporty cars...but working as together with BMW is not really great!
  17. 1st gen is alot more SEXIER!
  18. German companies are like leeches. They'll suck all the benefits you offer and when you run out they'll simply leave you behind.
  19. RAL

    Boy, this sure raised everybody's bp! Elon Musk recently presented Akio with a Model S after Toyoda-san invested 50 million in Tesla. Hmmm.