Lexus RC F to be Powered by 460 Horsepower V8?

Lexus RC F 460 Horsepower

The Lexus RC F will be powered by a V8 with 460 horsepower, according to a Detroit Auto Show VIP event invitation leaked by Autoblog — here’s the invite in full (click for a larger version):

Lexus RC F Special Invitation

Judging by the website, this event looks to be hosted by local dealerships (RSVP page asks to select one of three dealerships) — this only adds to the credibility of the information, considering similar websites exist for past events.

It’s been clear from the very first spy videos that the RC F would be powered by a V8, and now we know that it will be packing 44-hp more than the IS F — what do you think of this new information?

[Source: Autoblog] (Thanks everyone!)


  1. Should be very fast with this engine and power. Hopefully they kept the weight down. Im positive the handling will be top notch. Lexus performance just get better and better the germans and american better not sleep.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't we already have confirmation that the RC 350 will have 318 hp? So considering they've quote the already released hp figure of the RC 350 wrong, how reliable is their figure on the RC F?.... That being said I hope they're right. 460 hp from a NA 5.0L V8 would be awesome
  3. The specs sound amazing but this car is definitely out of my price point. I'll probably trade my GS for a 2013 IS F or the RC 350 Fsport.
  4. Cannot wait for this!!!!
  5. 460bhp sounds nice but a 3800 curb weight would kill it. vs the m4 3200lb curb weight.
    • Sigh~ The M4 will weigh more than 3300lbs. Even if the RCF weighs more it will probably still feel better overall and still have a 30hp advantage. If Lexus continues to use the GS platform it will be a win for sure. I get the feeling the RC series is going to be a bit beefier in size compared to the the 3 or 4 but for me that's a good thing because those just feel too small for my taste.
    • M4 will be atleast 3600 lbs. BMW claims it is about 120 - 140 lbs lighter than the E90/E92 M3. Almost all of the time, the E90/E92 M3 were well over 3700 lbs so the M4 will be no lighter than 3600 lbs. The RC-F will be heavier, but they say it has a lot of carbon fiber and aluminum usage so it will probably be no heavier or even lighter than the 3800 lbs IS-F.
    • during a magazine interview it was stated that the car would be under 1500kg
    • I found the article I was talking about further down, this talks about the target was the ISF CCR and the weight saving and driving feel were the benchmarks:
  6. love it already
  7. MT

    I would take the +44hp with a grain of salt. They also got the hp-rating of the V6 wrong. It is going to be 322hp, as they retuned the 2GR-FSE some more for the RC. So there is a chance that 460hp might be wrong as well.
  8. MT

    Or 318, or whatever, but more than 306.
  9. tom

    460 hp would still be sad. Even sadder is that the 5.0 will be dropped in without a single ounce of retuning. Expect the 2UR-GSE to produce the same 416 hp regardless of what car it goes into for the remainder of the decade. Everyone here should be familiar with Toyota's engine r&d methods so there's no point in hoping for anything more.
  10. Isn't it retarded that they don't want to be the biggest, fastest, loudest or the best? Which half witted executive at Toyota decided bigger brakes and sportier handling would qualify for a badge which is meant to compete with BMW M or AMG! I also find it rediculous how they believe their new car designs (LFA excepted) are appealing. All the top cars have a simplicity to them yet Toyota have a bunch of angles and lines which are too complicated and don't line up. They make the most reliable cars on the market - how hard can it be to get the bloody design right?
    • Erm I guess you are talking about F Sport not F - big difference and the same in the other brands (AMG Sport, M Sport) the proper F cars of which this will be the 3rd. So far you have had the LFA and ISF the standard german offerings have nothing to compare with the LFA and the ISF by the time it had been tweaked over the years was right up there running same times as the M3. If they have kept the weight down (And remember back to all the early conversations Lexus had about weight saving and the ISF CCR being the benchmark) then with a 460hp V8 I truly think BMW will be concerned. Think most people would prefer a NA V8 to a TT 6. AMG is another matter as rumours are the new C63 will be either TT 4.0 or 5.5 V8.
    • BMW won't be that concerned they will for sure come out with the competition package that will bump the hp and tq close to the RCFs power if true.
  11. I wonder why the IS sedan isn´t getting this V8 engine?
  12. Donno But I feel with carbon fibre hood roof and trunk we may have a real weight reduction I feel LEXUS will amazed it's competitors with the weight reduction For me, I also believe that Toyota will put every single tech they have, because this is the real first German competitor car, and Toyota will not make Lexus fail in this first and yet tough challenge Yes as Lexus top heads said before they are not run for sales, but the succeeding of RC sales with all its variant specially by car magazine, and speed enthusiasts with comparing RC with all its rivals, will give Toyota more confidence to return to the 80's and 90's and spread the performance and coupes and cabrios amoung both line-ups Old report show that Toyota will start with 4 under Toyota brand which are A Celica successor aka FT A Supra successor now we waiting NAIAS A small cabrio. to go head to head with the Miata A performance hatchback And 3 Lexus The RC The production version of the LF-LC, SC or LC whatever they 'll name it A car to go with 911 , DB9, etc under the halo car LFA
  13. Hey krew do you check your email, or does it even work, the email? I sent you an email and never got a reply.
  14. Yes glad to see Lexus & Toyota are once again leading the HP pack like in the old days!