New Lexus Halo Car to Replace the LFA?

Lexus LF-LC

A recent report from Hans Greimel of the Automotive News explores the future plans of Lexus — let’s start with the possibility of a new Lexus halo car:

During the LFA’s two-year production run, which ended Dec. 14, it was positioned as the ultimate expression of Lexus quality and performance…as Lexus struggles to reinvent itself as an emotional, pulse-pumping brand, the lineup loses the head-turning speed demon that spurred the image makeover in the first place.

“If we want to build a more emotional brand, then we need a halo car,” Lexus Executive Vice President Kazuo Ohara said in a Dec. 17 interview. “We would like to have that sort of car.”

But don’t expect another rarefied supercar — at least not with the same stratospheric price point.

It may seem obvious, but a production version of the LF-LC concept would fit perfectly as the next Lexus halo car — priced significantly lower than the LFA but still more expensive than any other Lexus, a 2+2 sports coupe would slot in nicely into the lineup.

There’s even an argument that a production LF-LC is even better suited as a Lexus halo car, albeit one that would not be possible without the LFA’s development. The LFA stands as the pinnacle of the “new Lexus”, but its 500-unit rarity limits the influence it can have on the general population — an important consideration when talking about halo cars. A mass-market coupe simply has a better chance of being seen on the road.

(There are more than enough signs that a production LF-LC is coming — in my mind, the only question is when it will be released.)

[Source: Autoweek]