New Lexus Halo Car to Replace the LFA?

Lexus LF-LC

A recent report from Hans Greimel of the Automotive News explores the future plans of Lexus — let’s start with the possibility of a new Lexus halo car:

During the LFA’s two-year production run, which ended Dec. 14, it was positioned as the ultimate expression of Lexus quality and performance…as Lexus struggles to reinvent itself as an emotional, pulse-pumping brand, the lineup loses the head-turning speed demon that spurred the image makeover in the first place.

“If we want to build a more emotional brand, then we need a halo car,” Lexus Executive Vice President Kazuo Ohara said in a Dec. 17 interview. “We would like to have that sort of car.”

But don’t expect another rarefied supercar — at least not with the same stratospheric price point.

It may seem obvious, but a production version of the LF-LC concept would fit perfectly as the next Lexus halo car — priced significantly lower than the LFA but still more expensive than any other Lexus, a 2+2 sports coupe would slot in nicely into the lineup.

There’s even an argument that a production LF-LC is even better suited as a Lexus halo car, albeit one that would not be possible without the LFA’s development. The LFA stands as the pinnacle of the “new Lexus”, but its 500-unit rarity limits the influence it can have on the general population — an important consideration when talking about halo cars. A mass-market coupe simply has a better chance of being seen on the road.

(There are more than enough signs that a production LF-LC is coming — in my mind, the only question is when it will be released.)

[Source: Autoweek]


  1. I wan't an LFA sooo bad,but with 3 children to send to college...?...a more affordable halo model may make a whole lot more sense...I guess we'll see...
  2. It seems logical take a Benz SL AMG series from benz or a porsche 911.  I think if they can come out with their own version it will be a win for Lexus.  
  3. The REAL question is does the LFA V-10 fit under the hood of the LF-LC I bet it does..... BD
    • I think cost would rule this out.  I dont see the V10 being used again sadly.
    •  Andy is right. The Yamaha-built 1LR engine is way too expensive. The MSRP on the engine alone is $163,000. Yes, it is lighter than a V6 engine and has the dimensions of a 4.0 Liter V8 and can fit, but it is way too cutting edge and exotic for a mass produced car.
    • It's only that expensive because so few are built.  When you increase your economies of scale, costs will go down.   There are plenty of future Lexus vehicles that could use an elite engine.  We need to look for reasons TO build the V10, not reasons not to..... BD
    • Few are built because it, the engine, is too expensive for most to buy. It will never be cheap. It's probably to advanced to be massproduced anyway and therefore the production costs wont be very low either way. This engine is for a 350 000 dollar car, and thats it.
    • It certainly will fit! It might require a little bulge with a more conventional drivetrain, but considering that the V10 is the size of a V8 [and the weight of a V6], there shouldn't be a problem!
  4. Reading the full article certainly suggests to me that the new 2.5ltr RWD powertrain is coming to the US eventually.  It can only be in the IS and GS as the CT and ES are both FWD models.  It just doesnt make sense to me for Lexus not to offer these options when they will be engineered for other left hand drive markets in Europe.  (UK is RHD like Japan.) They need to put the 3.5ltr V6 RWD hybrid drive from the GS450h into the LS as well.  It's such an obvious thing to do.  Maybe with the bigger electric motor and battery from the 600h.
  5. What I would do with the LF-LC: 2015 LC450h - 330HP GS450h powertrain, starting at $85k 2015 LC500   - 400+HP V8 from the Lexus LS, starting at $95k 2015 LC600   - Engine made for Lexus GSF/LSF, most likely Turbo V8, starting at $115k I'd be shocked if the LFA V10 or a Turbocharged V8 isn't available from Lexus in 2015.  They've proven that they can sell to the top of the market, and they need a larger engine than the LS V8 to stay there. BD
    • They'd be more likely to adapt the LS600h's powertrain for an "LC600h" in the $100K range (Lexus is all about performance hybrids lest we forget). Then they'd do a carbon fiber-lightened "LC-F" with the V8 or hopefully V10 for even more money.
    • Since using the smaller hybrid from the GS would keep weight down, and MPG up, that would be the better way to go. Since the LC should be much lighter than a 4100+ lb GS hybrid, it should be plenty quick enough, and get 30 MPG combined pretty easily. And keeping the price down will boost hybrid sales, unless they want to sell 10 a month like the 600hL does...... BD
  6. My guess is that the LF-LC will use KERS-technology.
  7. This is more like the RC350, but I thought it was quite interesting.
    • LOL! These stupid Photochops dont tell us anything. Please dont spread this c**p!
    • Cool it. You're not in any position to make a better one yourself, so I'd suggest you keep mum on this topic until then. Japanese magazine renders from 2011 successfully previewed most of the design attributes on the 2014 IS, so there are rare cases of (at least)moderately accurate interpretations.
    • It's not a question of who makes the better stupid fantasy rendering. There shouldnt be made any at all and people should really not base anything on them, like you apparently do. No interpretations of coming models have ever had anything to do with the actual car. Never. Not the 2014 IS either. These photochops are pointless c**p.
    • Don't speak for me on whether I base anything on such renderings. I only take them with a grain of salt and will approve them if based on an existing OFFICIAL concept or FINAL design prototype. Most renderings are purely speculative when not based on an official presentation or visible evidence(i.e. concepts, teasers, or prototypes). They usually won't be correct, but some give rough ideas of production variants. A recent 3IS rendering from Quattroruote is a prominent example of what constitutes a "crappy" rendering, as it is inexcusably 100% off at a time when the actual car is available for reference.  The fact that there is a new article on here about the Lexus LC/RC rendering already speaks volumes about how "POINTLESS" and "CRAPPY" it really was. Your opinions aren't the end-all be-all, so chastising others for differing is unwarranted. I did say it was "interesting", NOT "It's absolutely 200% correct and super-duper REAL!". I usually know what I'm talking about and if I don't, you won't see me. Don't come at me as if I'm some clueless fool who pulls things out of thin air and puts out incorrect info he believes to be trueTrying explaining how "pointless" this 2012 M-B CLS render from April 2008 was, that ended up being spot-on and how it instead looked "NOTHING" like the actual CLS design?(Compare the 4/2008 renders to the German design patent images in JULY 2008) It basically LEAKED the CLS, YEARS before it went on sale. Daimler AG had to scramble to protect it via patenting, upon it going public via Autobild magazine in May 2008. How does that prove your "excellent" theory on ALL renderings uniformly being "fantasies"? Exactly, I thought so.
    • Are we seriously going to go through this again, Thomas? Respect other commenters on this site or you're going to get booted. I thought we were past all this nonsense. My apologies, Carmaker1, I didn't see these comments until right now.
    • Thank you, I like coming here as it's great to see any extra in-depth Lexus news(especially whenever JLR, BMW, Infiniti, or M-B are lacking new info).
  8. Why not focus on more affordable F models first such as the ISF and maybe the GSF?
  9. I'd really like a "baby LFA". With the coming Mercedes SLC AMG (4.0l V8 Biturbo), McLaren P13 (NA 3.8l V8 ?) and the coming Jaguar F-Type R, without forgetting the next BMW Z5 M, there is potential in a true baby LFA. Unfortunately V10 is a mere dream.