Lexus LF-LC Concept to be a Production Model?

Lexus LF-LC

Autocar is reporting that the Lexus LF-LC concept is being seriously considered as a production model:

“A decision has not been taken [on the LF-LC concept],” [Lexus product planning chief Karl Schlicht] said. “But we’re now up to a 50 per cent chance from a zero per cent one. Every top Toyota Motor Company manager is aware of the great reception it has received and now we’re talking about how we can do it and fit it into the product plan.”

“The only parameter was size. We wanted the designers to create excitement,” he said. “We’d never get it built from a product planning point of view on paper, but people have seen the concept and fallen in love with it. Dealers have gone crazy for it as well.”

In talking with Lexus management at the Detroit Auto Show, it was very clear that the LF-LC’s future would be determined by its reception on the auto show circuit — lucky then that the coupe concept has picked up awards at both of its North American stops (see: Detroit & Chicago).

And if the LF-LC was to reach production, would it be the third-generation SC? This seems like very much a possibility, according to an interview I dug up with Lexus USA General Manager Mark Templin (jump to 3:16):

One other interesting fact I found over on the Lexus UK blog about the LF-LC:

Calty president Kevin Hunter won’t go too deep on the detail right now but reveals a bit more. “It would have 500hp as a hybrid with a battery pack behind the rear seats and a little trunk to be as useful as any car in its class,” he says. “And while this is truly a concept car – it’s where Lexus is moving and symbolises that change – we never build a concept car just to make a car, there’s always some strategic thinking behind it.”

[Source: Autocar & Lexus UK]


  1. Just take a GSh chassis and put this body on it!
  2. The way Mr Templin was dancing and slithering around the questions...such a tease.  Just build it! 
  3. If this does become the next SC what will it cost?  What will be the competition? 
    • I would put it against BMW 6 (or Gran Coupe).
    • Not sure what planet the BMW 6 (or Gran Coupe) can ever be compared to this masterpiece. I kinda feel they would be doing the LFA an injustice by putting this into production though.
    • Of course LC is way better than BMW 6. My guess was based on estimated size, shape and use. It all depends on the final specs. Personally I would welcome if it had around 400hp. That would be the power of IS-F. That amount power is enough, I suppose. On the other hand, the more the better :)))
    • Fair enough N6600. I have a feeling more attention was made on appearance and interior goodies than true performance like the LFA. Seams like it would cater to a more tech savi person than a "driver"
    • I absolutely agree. If I caught it right, this model was created just to show the design capabilities of Lexus and possible tech stuff in a car. I don't think Lexus expected such a huge success and didn't plan it as a production model. Furthermore, if they want to make it to the production phase in a reasonable time, they need to drop the futuristic interior (including the iPad like touch controller) and create something like a new GS. Sort of...
    • i would put it with the SL more than a true 2+2 as the 6
  4. This could tie-in very nicely with the future GSF, as they may share 500HP hybrid engines, lowering overall costs in the process. Oh yeah........believe it! BD
  5. Over at Lexus UK's Facebook page they are asking people to vote on putting it into production. Head over and add your vote!!
  6. So far there's never been a Lexus concept where I didn't find the production version even nicer to look at. If that holds true with the LF-LC,the finnished road legal product will in all likelyhood cause my head to explode! :-D
  7. I think this makes sense to go up against the 6 series.  I would see hybrid and GS-F motor options for sure.  Then they need a droptop version.
  8. Lexus needs this LF-LC so badly! The SC430 had a great debut, and I bet the LF-LC will have it as well!
  9. Hf1

    Seriously this should be made with a V10 Hybrid engine.. That'll be awesome