Lexus to Bring Back the SC Nameplate?

Lexus SC Replacement

In their latest issue, Japanese magazine BEST CAR suggests that Lexus may bring back the SC nameplate, and have created a new rendering to illustrate the possibilities– here’s the full page:

Lexus SC Full Page

Meant to be the production version of the LF-LC, this rendering plays it pretty straight — compared to the concept, the only real changes are the front and rear lights. Best Car believes this new SC will be powered by the same V6/hybrid powertrain used in the GS 450h and a 4.6L V8 with nearly 500 horsepower — a decent combination, if true.

(After discontinuing the model in 2010, I have my doubts that Lexus will resurrect the SC nameplate for this new high-end coupe — anything’s possible, and l’m prepared to be pleasantly surprised if this naming rumor is correct.)

[Source: Best Car Via: Club Lexus]


  1. Really want to see a production version of the LF-LC. Wouldn't at all be surprised to see the return of the SC nameplate. Though admittedly, LC seems more fitting.
  2. In fact we do not really know what the LF-LC is. By size it is the same as an LFA, the LFA is a two seater. LF-CC is a two door IS with 4 seats. The LF-LC was more like a 2+2 seater. So is the LF-LC an Aston Martin DB9 / Mercedes CL / Maserati GranTurismo rival, a luxury 4 seater coupé, or rather a Porsche 911 / Mercedes SLC / Maserati GranSport rival? I'd be more for the later, as it would be a real sportscar (2 seater) but not unaffordable as the LFA.
  3. a friend i meant on the net told me these a LS-LF if not mistaken currently underdevelopment by lexus and telsa that going to wow the world when it comes out
  4. I dont like how their rendition looks compared to the LF LC concept. What happened to the "afterburner" inspired taillights.... It looks like a mid year update to a 3rd gen IS coupe.
    • So you dont like a Magazins rendering. So what?! It's a rendering that have nothing to do With an actual future model.
  6. This is basically saying the next Lexus LS engine will share it's V8 with the SC, as it did 20 years ago, and it will be turbo-charged (good luck getting 500 HP from a 4.6 without turbos in any drivable luxury engine) So the next LS will have MORE power than the S-Class or 750iL? Word on the street is the Audi A8 is being redesigned and will appear before year end, as well..... BD
    • Th current A8 (D4) is certainly NOT being redesigned before year end, so there is no "word on the street" on that front. It's a mere facelift, that has been seen testing for months. The only "word" is the next A8 (D5) final design concept has been chosen and is not due until late 2016 at earliest. The next LS better be out of this world and have the same level revolutionary improvements as the XF40 did in '06, or it will be beyond disappointing.
    • Motor Trend started that rumor, but it will be a facelift, not a redesign.... BD
    • It's much better if we are vigilant and take magazine journalist's words with a grain of salt, as I'm sure you knew deep down that didn't make sense from MT. I know very well not to trust magazines anymore, except for maybe the German or Japanese ones (Chinese ones for glorious leaks). On another note, it's obvious that Lexus' impressive and industry-leading short development lead times(24-48 months), result in the public seeing future production models near unveiling. I am praying to see what Lexus has to offer in countering the W222 S-Class, as they need not emulate the 10-year production cycles of Daimler-Benz AG in 1970s-90s I am baffled that BMW is already rolling out 2017 5-Series prototypes(designed this year?) that will replace the current 5-Series F10 from 2010-present. Yet the 5LS (XF50) prototypes are likely to be barely being handbuilt in metal, when the current LS was first leaked 8 years ago in 2005 and designed in 2003-04!
    • "Word on the street" is that you've got a yourself New shocks for Your Daewoo.
    • The current 4.6L 1UR-FSE pretty much makes 400hp. Which is excellent for a small 4.6L V8 A electric motor could easily help with making an extra 100hp 400+100 = 500hp
  7. Nice rendering. Rear taillights slightly remind me of the first-generation SC.
  8. Not sure if this is the same car that was mentioned when I met with a "specialist" in the F division of Lexus last week, he travels a lot but most of his work is overseas. He told me that Lexus is already testing and will produce a ~500hp car with FULL hybrid he told me the name but I forgot and it started with a G. Let's see if he is correct in the upcoming years!
    • GSF? That seems scheduled for next year at the moment and was spotted testing in Japan in late 2012.
    • There wont be a GSF. Its just rumours and People jumping to conclusions.
    • We'll see about that, as neither of our opinions can be 100% verified as valid. Toyota's overprotective secrecy of future plans forces interested parties to resort to these levels of speculation, unlike competitors that are confidently more informative without letting down their guard.
    • It wasn't a GSF or I would've remembered lol (although I did ask him about the GSF and instantly he said "you mean a 550 hp street beast?" that was his first respose, anyway as for the hyrbid car he talked about It was something with fancy letters but started with a G though, plus his accent was a bit hard on me. I guess next few years will be exciting!!
  9. Good render. I really look forward to this, but I really hope they name it "LC" to leave room for a mid-level SC to someday sit between the GS & LS. I can understand why Lexus takes so long to develop new models, but the secrecy is the more frustrating part for all of us. I wish they would some signs via public testing of mules or heavily cladded prototypes once they are ready to be tested. They've already passed the concept design phase on this since November 2011, so by mid-late 2012 a final production LF-LC design would've been frozen and prototypes built within 6-9 months. They'd prefer to only test final evalution phase prototypes 3-4 months before introduction and hide earlier ones for 1+ years.
  10. The first SC400/300 were nice. second gen SC430 was more of a Grand Tourer
  11. Looks like a hyundai genesis coupe from the front