Lexus to Bring Back the SC Nameplate?

Lexus SC Replacement

In their latest issue, Japanese magazine BEST CAR suggests that Lexus may bring back the SC nameplate, and have created a new rendering to illustrate the possibilities– here’s the full page:

Lexus SC Full Page

Meant to be the production version of the LF-LC, this rendering plays it pretty straight — compared to the concept, the only real changes are the front and rear lights. Best Car believes this new SC will be powered by the same V6/hybrid powertrain used in the GS 450h and a 4.6L V8 with nearly 500 horsepower — a decent combination, if true.

(After discontinuing the model in 2010, I have my doubts that Lexus will resurrect the SC nameplate for this new high-end coupe — anything’s possible, and l’m prepared to be pleasantly surprised if this naming rumor is correct.)

[Source: Best Car Via: Club Lexus]