Will There Be a Next-Generation Lexus IS F?

Next-Generation Lexus IS F

While at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus IS chief engineer Junichi Furuyama discussed the next-generation IS F with Car Advice:

Nor are there immediate plans to replace the current five-year-old Lexus IS F, with Furuyama-san claiming that the company is still assessing its options for the next-generation compact performance flagship.

“Well, IS F, so many people express very strong interest in IS F, and they all ask the same question [when a new model is coming],” mused Furuyama-san.

“For the time being, our plan is to retain the current model for a while. As to what we are going to do next, I’m not in a position of disclosing.

“All I can say is we’re thinking very hard about what we should [do]…”

As we discovered last week, Lexus plans to keep the current IS F in circulation for the 2014 model year — however, this statement from Furuyama-San would suggest that a high-performance IS is a couple years away at the very least.

(This fits the normal pattern — there’s generally a delay between the standard model and the souped-up super-sedan.)

[Source: Car Advice]