Guided Tour of the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT

Here’s Ming-Jou Chen of Lexus College with an informative tour of the new 2014 IS:

There are a number of new details, including our first look at the redesigned infotainment system — here’s a couple screenshots:

Update Lexus Multimedia System

Lexus Infotainment System

(It appears one key difference between the new system and the current setup is that it’s only necessary to move left-to-right.)

Also in the video is the lit-up instrument panel of the standard IS:

Standard Lexus IS Instrument Panel

One final detail — Ming-Jou mentions that the IS F & IS convertible will both carry over in the 2014 model year.


  1. Nicely done Ming-Jou!  Either she is very petite or the car looks massive!   The dark grey colour is the best I've seen yet... The interior looks great loving the red seats.
  2. Looks nice, still prefer my GS (is it april yet).  Anyone else's audio out of sync... 
  3. ISF unchanged?? man they could of at least refreshed it a bit...
    • Expect them to release an updated Convertible and ISF over the next two years. They don't want to blow their wad all at once, then not have anything new for the next 5 years.  It's called a Staggered Launch. BMW won't have a new M3 for another year, but the new sedan cam out last year.  Porsche does the same thing with the 911, Turbo, Cabriolet, GT3...... BD
    • The IS F has received quite a few updates overtime! It's interesting how Lexus is evolving and is displaying similar continuous behavior of other automakers! I love it! Although... I'm pretty sure that American shoppers will get a bit confused, unfortunately.
    • Yes they did suspension wise, but come one at least refresh up the interior and exterior a bit. Know it doesn't really seem like a 66K car with the dated interior
  4. No caramel interior for the F Sport?? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. I like that color!
  6. I prefer the 17 inch rims over the 18. Those are LED headlights. The projector lens is way too small to be HID. Plus nobody does quad projector HID.
    • what does the 17s look like? havent seen it yet.
    • You're absolutely correct, I noticed her mistake as well. The ones in the video are LED, but the standard base models will come with singular HIDs like the CT, GS, ES, and LS. There are pictures up of the IS300h with actual singular HID, and the turn signal location moves from inner portion to outside. 
    • Thank you. I would like to know if the standard Xenon headlights are Bi-functional or are the xenons just for low beam only.
    • I would assume bi-functional, considering I see no other bulbs for hi-beam.
  7. After seeing a first-generation Lexus IS on the road today, I noticed how much this new IS borrows from that car's design.  Very evolutionary, especially at the rear end, with the upswept beltline and rear light design..... BD
    • Thank you for mentioning the up-sweep... I noticed it right away (I have an RC IS300, that I won). The tail end also looks like the 2nd Generation Toyota MR2 (the Ferrari looking one). Love this new model; can't wait to see it in person.
  8. It seems as if you get the screen even without navigation. Anybody else agree? The video shows the navigating of the audio system using the knob. Still no mention of a backup camera......
  9. I don't understand the push-to-open fuel door. How is that safe?