No Production Lexus LF-CC Coupe Until 2015?

2015 Lexus RC 350

Autocar is reporting that a production Lexus LF-CC coupe will reach dealerships in 2015:

Autocar understands that a senior Lexus engineer has been assigned to the project and serious work will start on production engineering this month.

The new model is likely to come in both cabrio and fixed-head forms. It is thought to be based on the same rear-drive platform as the new IS and GS models, probably using the IS’s shorter wheelbase but the GS’s wider tracks. The styling is believed to be close to the LF-CC concept car’s. The interior of the concept will be carried over and it will also be seen in the new IS.

While this serves as another confirmation that a new Lexus coupe is coming, the 2015 timeline doesn’t line up with a Carsguide interview with Lexus International president, Kiyotaka Ise, at the LF-CC’s introduction:

“[The LF-CC] is the concept for the coupe that we want to launch as soon as possible. In the near future. One or two years,” the president of Lexus International, Kiyotaka Ise, confirms to Carsguide at the Paris motor show.

At the time of the interview, two years would have meant a 2014 launch for the production LF-CC — however, it’s quite possible this new coupe would follow a similar path to the current GS (announced in August, but didn’t reach dealerships until February of the following year.)

[Source: Autocar]


  1. January/Feb of 2015? I'm good with that..... BD
    • honestly i dnt see a MT fitting this car so well. just use the paddle shifters wit throttle blip! in these times, MT are kinda pointless. back then they were fuel efficient but today AT is proven more efficient. they are fun to drive but get over it
    • I can't speak for the ladies in the audience.  But there are still some men left. BMW, Infiniti, and Mercedes haven't forgotten that, yet.  We'll see if Lexus is serious about making cars more passionate, or if it's just lip service.  Only one way to find out.   Passion is never found on the end of a paddle shifter. Stay thirsty, my friend..... BD
    • PG

      "Passion is never found on the end of a paddle shifter." Yeah, that's why Ferrari has phased out all the manuals, right?
    • If the Lexus has 600 HP to compensate for their lack of a manual, like Ferrari does, then we'll talk..... BD
    • You don't like paddles in the LFA?
    • i own 1 of the rare '04 5sp MT Lexus IS300s. as much as i enjoy peddlin that clutch & rev matchin around corners, its not that comfortable to drive everyday. the IS300 is old tho & i always saw it as a sport car but in these ages, its hard to truely see a MT in such a luxurious car. im a SUCKER 4 a Challenger! but wen Dodge brought the Challenger back in '08 wit a laughable 5sp AT, it was a HUGE turnoff. MT are a MUST in REAL sport cars but luxury cars i think are better wit paddle shifters-they work almost like a MT but in a more comfortable fashion
  2. I do enjoy a nice manual gearbox,such as that piece of engineering perfection fitted to the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S,but I do understand that the marked for a mt is limited in the luxury car marked. And as sporty as the LF-CC surely will be,it is a luxury car first and a sportscar second. Personally,if I could have any engine I like in the LF-CC I think I'd go for the GS 450h's powerplant.
  3. The Big Question here is will Lexus get the Chassis of the RC-coupe perfected like TMC did for the GT86/FR-S. I think the focus should be sporty first then Luxury cause we don't have an affordiable  real sporty coupe in the Lexus range after the end of production for the LFA. I am glad in a way its delayed so their can do a proper job on R&D.
  4. MT

    I am somehow getting used to the "No production Lexus XYZ" news lately.  Somehow I doubt there will be any more new Lexuses at all in this decade, we already had the CT and the LFA. Last decade we also had only two new production Lexuses, the GX and the HS. All other Lexus vehicles have their roots in the 1990s (SC, LX, RX, GS, IS) or late 80s (LS, ES).  All those rumormills are completely for nothing. Rumors about bigger CT engine --> blah. Rumors about IS wagon --> not gonna happen ever. Rumors about a coupe --> maybe in three years. Rumors about a small CUV --> There could be a concept in the next few years.
    • Don't forget that the SC and GS date back to 1987 and the first gens. were designed by 1989-1990. As for everything else, I don't think the company spokespeople are being forthright and only time will tell.
  5. I wish we were there now so I could buy one!
  6. damn Lexus has got to step its game up offer more choices. Infiniti is seeing the big pic offer hybrid v6 and future turbos in there Q50. COME ON LEXUS!!!1
  7. That concept drawing looks amazing, definately what the production car should look like!
  8. This drawing of the car has a bit different proportions than the real LF-CC, I hope they will go into this direction with the design. It would look more different (a bit Aston-Martinish) :-)