Production Lexus NX Compact Crossover Released in August 2014?

Lexus NX Mag-X

Japanese magazine Mag-X has published some information on the upcoming Lexus NX compact crossover — here are the main points, roughly translated:

  • The Lexus NX will use the same chassis platform as the RAV4.
  • The production model could reach dealerships in August 2014.
  • Measurements could be 4550 × 1845 × 1660mm (length x width x height)

Along with the rendering above, Mag-X also created this rear view:

Lexus NX Rendering Mag-X Rear

While the LF-NX concept was only marginally smaller than the RX, a production NX crossover based on the RAV4 chassis would increase the size difference (NX: 4550mm long, RX: 4770mm long) — this is very important if Lexus wants to avoid the two models competing against one another.

[Source: Mag-X]


  1. If it will look like this, i think it will sell very well...And promise to have the is300h engine with 4wd, then it vill sell even better..
  2. The back reminds me of that ugly new Mitsubishi Outlander. The grille is too small. The worst rendering I've seen thus far
  3. what is this this isent even a vehicle? :S
  4. they are using a rav 4 chasis....
  5. I thought the NX concept was over the top. But this is too boring. I think something in between would be perfect. After being initially repulsed by the NX concept, I have to admit that I was starting to quite like it.
  6. Looks like a Ford Focus from 1998 (front) and a Audi Q5 (back). I hope it will look different than this rendering. @Ford: NEW-EDGE-Design meets L-Finesse! OMG
  7. These never look like the real thing so do not take these designs for granted. That's why they deliberately camouflage them to look different.
  8. RAL

    The spindle grill doesn't stand apart, but blends well with the overall design. This seems more believable as a production model. Anxious to see the real thing.
  9. Good dimensions if they make it to prod. Nice rear and side profile, front looks a little dorky - grill too low and small. Tokyo Motor Show in November should unveil the prod-ready model.
  10. Nice, I'd buy it f it looks like this