Confirmed: No Plans for a Next-Generation Lexus IS SportCross

First-Generation Lexus IS SportCross

In an interview with The Age, executive vice president of Lexus International, Kazuo Ohara, confirmed there are no plans for a SportCross variant of the new third-generation IS:

The brand has also ruled out a wagon version of the new IS for the time being.

“We’re not thinking about it now, not just now,” Ohara says. “The main market for wagon [body-style] is the European market. But because of currency issues, Euro issues, I don’t think it is still viable as a business with the current exchange rate.

“The type of wagon [we would try] to introduce to the European market [would be a] hybrid wagon, then it is a case that it would be even more difficult,” he says, making mention of the dominance of diesel power-trains in Europe, something Lexus steadfastly refuses to offer as part of its line-up.

There was an upsurge in rumors last week after a Lexus Facebook post suggested a new SportCross might be introduced at the Detroit auto show, but it looks like there’s little chance of a wagon for the time being.

(It would be nice to see a new Lexus wagon, but this rumor was blown way out of proportion — Lexus would never announce a new model so casually.)

[Source: The Age]