Confirmed: No Plans for a Next-Generation Lexus IS SportCross

First-Generation Lexus IS SportCross

In an interview with The Age, executive vice president of Lexus International, Kazuo Ohara, confirmed there are no plans for a SportCross variant of the new third-generation IS:

The brand has also ruled out a wagon version of the new IS for the time being.

“We’re not thinking about it now, not just now,” Ohara says. “The main market for wagon [body-style] is the European market. But because of currency issues, Euro issues, I don’t think it is still viable as a business with the current exchange rate.

“The type of wagon [we would try] to introduce to the European market [would be a] hybrid wagon, then it is a case that it would be even more difficult,” he says, making mention of the dominance of diesel power-trains in Europe, something Lexus steadfastly refuses to offer as part of its line-up.

There was an upsurge in rumors last week after a Lexus Facebook post suggested a new SportCross might be introduced at the Detroit auto show, but it looks like there’s little chance of a wagon for the time being.

(It would be nice to see a new Lexus wagon, but this rumor was blown way out of proportion — Lexus would never announce a new model so casually.)

[Source: The Age]


  1. Wonder who at Lexus started the rumor in the first place, and how they were dealt with..... BD
  2. This is why they already have the Lexus Hybrid model called the CT200h
    • Good point.  A SportCross would cannibalize CT some sales. BD
    • There will always be a degree of sales cannibalization amongst different models from a brand, but the manufacturers, like Lexus for example, would rather have it that someone buys a Lexus IS Sportcross over a 3er or C class wagon. If this means sacrificing a few thousand CT200h etc. sales, then so be it. At least the buyer has bought something from Lexus.
  3. CT and IS SportCross wouldn't cannibalize eachothers sales! One is a compact hatchback, the other is a midsize wagon. If they'd would compete with eachother European brands would have some serious trouble. That said this post on Facebook was a little messy. Why post such a rumor if they're not going to produce it? If Lexus wants to be a global player they should really reconsider producing their models wher they're selling good.
  4. Wasn't really a rumor. It just asked a question whether there would be one. Maybe build some more talk and get more viewers
  5. I am sorry to say this, but rumors started like that from official sources do damage to your corporate image. Not very smart.
  6. Big mistake -Lexus already compromise their brand appeal by not offering diesels-fair enough with the new IS Hybrid it will outperform official diesel competition-but not offering a family friendly estate version once again makes the potential purchase of a lexus impossible for me as saloon's are just not practical enough for my family+dog! Lexus grow up and listen to you potential customers-we have no alternative but turn to the German rivals. 
    • Lexus IS NOT BMW, Audi or Mercedes. That's one of the reasons I like Lexus so much; they are different. Lexus f.ex. wont put a sh**ty diesel engine with 140 HP in their premium, top of the line sedan, like Audi and Merc does. If you buy a Lexus, you can be sure everything is top of the line, not least including the engine.
    • MT

      The new IS might be top of the line, but thats not true for every Lexus. There is nothing "top of the line" about an engine that is put into 300.000 Priuses a year. It is very efficient, high tech hybrid drivetrain. But for being "top of the line" it has to be faster than 0-100km/h in ten seconds and a maximum of 180km/h which it has a hard time to sustain without revving the engine at 5000RPM. High tech yes, but top of the line? No!
    • Lexus wouldnt put the CT200h engine in the LS or GS. Like with Audi you can get a shi**y diesel in the A8 or A6, lifted directly from the Polo.
    • Doesn't Lexus already use engines lifted up from Toyota vehicles? They didn't even bother modernising the engines for new GS, LS or IS. Plus they don't have to use small displacement diesel engines. They had a really good diesel engine in Europe which they used in the IS for a while. This 177 HP diesel was more than enough. All we saying is they need more engine choices, new models and bodystyles if they really want to be a global player. But they are just so cautious when it comes to new things. It may seem like complaining but I am a Toyota fanboy and love Lexus too.
    • I didnt say they dont use Toyota engines. I said they dont use the CT/Prius engine in the GS or LS, or IS for that matter. Audi uses diesel engines found in the cheapest Volkswagens in their A8 and A6 and are still falsely claiming to be a "premium" brand, which they are not.
    • Eh, Thomas, Audi's history dates back to 1910 and they've had more than a century of history in which they've built innovative cars and have built a solid motorsport pedigree as well. Audi is a premium brand whether you like it or not. Your extreme bias towards Lexus is clouding your judgement and you're making yourself sound ignorant and frankly annoying with you constant attacks against Audi.
    • Eh, none of the TDI engines from the Polo are offered in the Audi A6 or A8. NONE.
    • And those "sh_tty 140-hp diesels" you so disdain are excellent motors. I've driven these base engines from these brands as rental cars in Europe, where I am on business at least three or four times a year. I can tell you firsthand that I was very impressed with their performance, smoothness and above all fuel economy. A modern 140-horsepower turbodiesel offers more than enough performance for realistic everyday driving. The diesels today are nothing like the diesels from the '70s.
    • I live in a country where diesels are everywhere, so I'm aware they have improved since the '70s. That doesnt make them good engines though. Also, they pollute more than gasoline engines does. That is pollution that both affects people locally and the world globally.
    • Ok, we get it. YOU HATE DIESELS. Fine. No need to claim that they're bad engines. As technology moves on and evolves engines will become better and better. And if you're really worried about local pollution then please don't drive a  hybrid or gasoline car but ride a bicycle or walk.
    • Ofcourse I need to claim they are bad engines, when they are bad engines. If you absolutely want a diesel. Fine, just buy an Audi or a VW Golf or Polo. Just dont wish that nonsense engines on our beloved Lexus'.
    • And what exactly makes them bad engines? Are you some sort of mechanic or technology specialist with an authority on what is good and what isn't? You're sounding so ignorant and biased I can't take you seriously. The lack of diesel engines in the Lexus lineup hurts their appeal in certain markets. That's a fact.
    • Good point, Thomas! Lexus is in a league of Bentley and so on.....! Audi is VW-scrap, BMW better. Mercedes is one brand competitive to Lexus only.
    • Audi to me is the 50 which was a VW, and in my opinion they have only gone downhill since the 50. They were cheap-built cars then, and they still are. Only difference is people pay way to much for them today.Oveprized scrap! Audi-people are still proud of the so-called success of the quattro which only got ripped to pieces - and put to utter shame - by the great Lancia Delta HF integrale, Stratos and the 037. The quattro was nothing. Audis look ridicuolus, no doubt. Allways has. They have a basket-ball sized gearknob and the rest of the interior to will make you nauseous. If you like grey, fine, but it will still make you nauseous. Audi is in league with VW and Dacia and Huyndai and Kia. They are not up there with Lexus, BMW or Mercedes. No way. The A4 S-line is the most uncomfortable car ever made. It is supposed to be "sporty", still it's a normal family car that every Huyndai can outrun without problem's. Audis are the most understeering cars ever made. Even VW are better. Audi put the diesel burner - what they call an engine - in front of the headlights, apparently.
    • Thomas, you're full of garbage regarding Audi. You obviously know nothing about cars and you're letting your personal biases and twisted hate of Audi get in your way of making intelligent and factual posts. I'm done arguing with you. It's not worth it. By the way, the Audi 50 was an Audi product that was later rebadged by Volkswagen as the Polo. Not the other way around.
  7. Is it just me,or does anyone else think Lexus is overly anxious that cars with more than four wheels and an engine in common will "cannibalize sales"? If having a generous selection of model variations invariably spells doom for a car maker,surely BMW,Mercedes and Audi would've gone the way of the Dodo ages ago? 
    • MT

      Yes, thats right. How would a IS hybrid wagon with 220hp eat into sales of the 134hp CT? BMW 1 and 3 series touring coexist for a long time now and BMW is making big money on both models! Mercedes has the C-Class Transporter Modeö and the A-Class. Both are successful in the market. Audi has an A3 and the A4 Avant. Both are successfull. Moreover all of the above have at least 5 engine choices. Speaking about the above: Lexus has only one car instead of two with only one engine to go with. A tenth of the offer will result in a tenth of sales. It is as easy as that.
    • JB

      Could not agree more with Carson, MT and Ljn71.  I own a CT and RX and no way do I see a SportCoss/wagon a threat to the CT. Totally different cars to different buyers.  And where's the promised "several new Lexus models will be unveiled at NAIAS" made by the US Lexus GM around Q3 last year? Is the ISh, 250, 350, and F-Sport the multiple new models? They're variants one ONE model to me. Where's the NX compact CUV? It's now further delayed again with a possible concept unveiling late in 2013 on the latest news.  Come on Lexus, way too slow to push out new high-demand products. 
    • You people sure complain a lot!
    • No,we offer constructive criticism. There's a difference. 
    • It's not constructive critisism to complain - like you do - about Lexus not being more like every other car-manufacturer(Audi, BMW, Merc). If you want silly engines in your "premium" autos, go buy your diesel Audi. Lexus offer engines that fits a premium brand, not "5 engine choices".
    • JB

      Correct and to add, the above comments are passionate pleas from loyal customers or followers to Lexus to put to market those models we're dying for, for so long that the competition has had for years. I've been a long time buyer of Lexus and want an NX CUV or SportCross wagon. Still waiting but patience and loyalty can only go so far. 
    • Eh, Thomas, stop thinking in such narrow minded terms. Offering your customers a choice of engines (etc.) is exactly what people these days want. More choices, MORE APPEAL. And Lexus needs more appeal in certain markets. There have been many luxury buyers throughout the decades that have desired fuel-efficiency in a luxury car. You can get that with the European premium brands, but not really with Lexus. In certain markets, like in Europe, that's a huge drawback for the Lexus brand. Many markets impose expensive taxes on horsepower output or engine capacity (or emissions). In such markets, most Lexus cars will be a turn-off. And if we "complain a lot" that's a good thing. Criticism of a product is the best way to improve it.
    • "Giving people what they want" is not allways a good idea. A "premium" brand should offer premium cars, and to be a premium car you need an engine that fits in the premium segment. If the car doesnt have a premium engine, it's not a premium car even how many gizmos you put into it. I for one is happy that Lexus wont pollute the brand with silly "5 engine choices". The engine is to an imprtant part of the car to be treated like an option.
  8. The art of Trolling~ 
  9. Here's a real life example, my real life example of why Lexus should make a wagon/touring model (which I hope someone at Lexus reads): We have two kids (4 year old and 11 month old) and I want to drive a car (not an SUV) which is comfortable, luxurious, and is a "driver's car". So, about a year ago a Lexus dealer here in Vancouver, BC, let me take a CT200H for a few hours. I was sold, ready to buy, but just to be sure head to the dealer to see how my stroller and two kids seats would fit in the back. Forget it. WIth the rear facing seat in place, the corresponding front seat needs to be moved so far forward that almost no adult could be seated comfortably (I'm 6'2", my wife is 5'6"). So, we had to pass on the car. So, for a year I waited and waited for Toyota or Lexus to make a wagon, as above, which combines, comfort, handling, and luxury. But, still, there is nothing. We tried a Prius V (underpowered, not a driver's car), looked at the Venza (feels like a small SUV). What did I get instead, a little over a month ago? A 2006 BMW 530xi touring (with warranty). A dream to drive, to be sure, and loaded beyond belief, but with much higher maintenance costs than a Toyota/Lexus. Please note that I chose this over a loaded 2006 RX400H (immaculate, with warranty), which was about the same price. Nice vehicle, but not a driver's car, not anything like driving the 530. As hard as it was to swallow, I chose the better driving experience despite the higher operating costs associated with a BMW. So, my plan is to enjoy the 530xi until Toyota or Lexus (or maybe Nissan/Infiniti) make a wagon/touring model. While I respect Lexus' marketing research, I think they are dead wrong: if they make a touring model people will come. In North America (Canada and US) the only nice touring car available is the A4 (nice, but high maintenance costs I expect...)( the Acura TSX is also available as a touring model, but only in the US (if it was available here I might have got it...). Further, I don't think a touring model would cut into the CT market. Just make a damn wagon, Lexus! We are waiting!!!1
    • Yes! That is such a great example of why a Lexus station wagon makes buckets of sense.
    •  Yes..I agree to, they should have a wagon in both new IS and GS, look at Jaguar they are coming with a wagon for the XF, called sportback..And i hope the new GS will have the same engine as IS 300h, that would boost sales more in Europe..Just because they need a lower price, the GS 450h cost like 75000$ here in Europe..And the GS 250 just is to slow and get to little milage..So i hope Lexus still will do wagons for the IS and GS.