Next-Generation Lexus IS Wagon Coming to Detroit Auto Show?

2014 Lexus IS Wagon

Is the 2014 Lexus IS going to be offered as a wagon? A post on the Lexus USA Facebook page suggests the IS Sport Cross might be making a comeback:

Lexus IS Sport Cross

Do you remember the ‘02 IS 300 Sport Cross with its style, utility and performance? Will we bring it back? Watch the 2014 IS premiere on Facebook in 6 days to find out!

As exciting as an IS wagon might be, it seems unlikely Lexus would announce it so casually on Facebook — another strike against the idea is that a photo of the old Sport Cross is used in the post, and not an actual teaser image.

What do you think? Will Lexus bring out a new Sport Cross at the Detroit Auto Show? If not, should they?

(The above image is not the IS wagon, but a photoshop by Shane Pinnell posted on Jalopnik.)

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. Why announce a possibility for a vehicle and then not do it? I do think lexus may have a rabbit in it's hat. They may surprise us with a Sport Cross.
  2. ÄNTLIGEN...As a Swedish man would I really hope they will do a nice sportcross..But don´t do it as first picture, because that looks not nice..
  3. I could give a damn about a Sport Cross Where are the manuals? BD
  4. MT

    Yes! A Sportcross would be th best decission they can make!
  5. Imagine Lexus gets everyone thinking a SportCross may be unveiled and instead they unveil the IS and RC. That would be a crowd shocker. 
  6. That would be selling in Europe like cake.
  7. The SportCross would be a good comeback as long as it actually would offer more practicality and space than the standard saloon-the last IS Sportback's boot was actually smaller and it was pretty useless as far as practicality-need to be at least on par with A4 Avant/BMW 3 series Touring for space-please build it Lexus!!!
  8. If they want to sell more cars in Europe or generally - bring on the wagon and coupe - and make sure theres a manual option on all.  An extra engine choice (or two)would be good too - allow us the choice of a 350 in europe please! .. But please dont make the back of the wagon look like the ugly CT!
    • The emissions of the 3.5 V6 are to high, so lexus would have to pay penalties from year 2014 on.
    • I guess the Europeans miss out on that sweet 3.5L 2GR-FSE V6
    • But Mercedes-Benz is capable of developing a 3.5l V6 which emits only 158g CO2 / km. Why doesn't Lexus achieve this? 
    • Well the 450h has emissions of only 140g, so Lexus could use that engine but I think it would be too expensive. The GS already covers that part of the market.
    • That vehicle that uses that engine has stop/start and an extra gear ratio! Not to mention that engine and C350 is slower and less smooth than our IS350
    • The engine in the C350 is not "slower". Acceleration and speed also depend upon factors such as gearing and weight. And in case you've not kept up, the engine in the current C350 is a brand new 3.5-l V6. I own the previous version of this motor in my E350 convertible and it's smooth enough for my tastes. And fast enough, to.
    • Uhmm the C350 is a slower car than the IS350. Everyone knows that. And also the 2GR-FSE 3.5L V6 of the IS350 is smoother, more powerful, sounds better and is more reliable. The main reason why the C350 uses less gas is once again due to stop/start, extra gear ratios and the C350 is probably lighter than the IS350. I don't know if you know why stop/start is, well basically say when you have stopped at the red light, your car will turn off! Of coarse that will save fuel. Only problem is most people will not use the stop/start feature as its annoying and causes excessive wear n tear on the engine
    • The CT200 rear end has very advanced design elements.. You want ugly? Try BMW 1 Series, Audi A1 etc
    • You are absolutely right ! Especially the A1 is an unbelievable ugly construction, followed by the 1series and the new A-class.
    • Sorry - perhaps I was being harsh/hasty calling the CT ugly - It has honestly grown on me over the years and certainly looks better in the metal than in some photos. The rear window/hatch lines needs tweaking.   I do agree re the BMW 1 Series and Audi A1 (Well various Audis look a bit wrong these days IMO!)        
    • There is no demand for a manual transmission in Europe at all, and not by any significant number anywhere else either. In Europe we drove manual cars when automatic transmissions werent evolved enough to do the job properly, thats when you north-americans didnt have a clue how to operate a "stick-shift" and drove around in inferior automatic-transmission cars. Now times have changed, and autos are better in every possible way over a manual. Suddenly you north-americans got this fascination with "manuals", like it's some kind of very exotic thing, which it is not.
  9. JB

    Luxury wagon market is a fraction of what the SUV market is in North America. If Lexus' focus is to rack up sales in Europe, the Sport Cross makes sense.  If it created a vehicle with a focus for the NA market, it would be the compact crossover NX. It all depends on what Lexus market gurus decided...
  10. It would seem more than a little odd to pose a rhetorical question like that only to have the answer be:"no,we won't bring it back."
  11. Not very appealing to one who detests Pickups, Suv's, Vans, Wagons.
  12. I support them make the Sportback version of both IS And GS.  Preferably with F version or at least Fsport version. 
  13. It would be nice if Lexus pulled a "rabbit out of the hat" at the show since they (and other automakers) often ruin any element of surprise with advanced marketing of their new product or "leaked" information.  Afterall what's the point of making a "big reveal/debut" at an auto show when they've already released images and had people driving thinly disguised versions of the car.      There has been talk of Lexus following a BMW style product cycle release on a more gradual basis - but if they want to surprise us launching the IS at Detroit they should have a Saloon, Coupe and Sportcross all ready to go from the launch!  On the other hand you can see why they would drag out other models in the range to sustain interest in the models for longer. Who'd be a car executive....!
  14. Yes, they should!
  15. Link to Infiniti q50 photos
  16. I know I'm in the wrong section but Here is a link to how the LFA is made worth the 44 minutes of my time....
  17. Europe yes. USA no.
  18. How about this as an alternative photochop? -( admitedley abit sloppy).  I've kept the rear door lines the same and stretched the rear window of the CT to suit basically.   I think maybe the rear passenger door glass line should not curve down as much so the roof metal doesnt look so bulky?
  19.  F1orce, I personally could care less if the IS350 is faster than the C350. I don't buy my cars based on the zero to sixty times. Both the IS350 and C350 appeal to different buyers or buyers who simply want a luxury car from either brand. The new Mercedes 3.5 V6 motor is a good engine. It's smooth, powerful and emits less CO2 than its predecessor. It's a big improvement over the outgoing engine, which I own in my E350 convertible and, which I have stated before, is overall a good engine in my opinion. I'm perfectly content with it in my E350. It delivers great power, is refined and I'm getting good gas mileage with it, to. If Lexus wants to add some more technical features to their '350, they can include Start-Stop. Honestly, it's not that hard and it helps conserve fuel and extend the range of the vehicle and pretty soon buyers will be expecting this feature as standard. If Lexus competitors offer Start-Stop, then Lexus should do so as well and not only in the upcoming IS300h.
  20. There was also a IS200 SportCross in Europe. A very nice, practical, slow and thirsty car. I still have mine.
  21. I feel that Lexus will be making a mistake re-inventing IS sportcross.  Lexus already has IS line & CT vehicle.