Next-Generation Lexus IS F Coupe on the Way?

Lexus LF-CC Concept

AutoGuide talked with Lexus National Marketing Manager Brian Bolain and discovered some very interesting details about the next-generation IS:

“A V8 engine will fit, you could make that assumption,” says Lexus marketing boss Brian Bolain, speaking of the new LF-CC Concept at the SEMA Show last week.

“Looking at everything from a 4-cylinder to an 8-cylinder will fit,” he confirms, but the V8 is the exciting aspect, foreshadowing an all-but-confirmed IS-F Coupe.

As for what this new IS will look like, the LF-CC is a clear indication. “It’s very indicative of reality,” says Bolain. In particular he points to the monoform grille, which he says will first find its way onto the upcoming 2014 IS F-Sport sedan.

There’s plenty of speculation here — just because a V8 will fit in the IS engine bay doesn’t mean it will be released. Still, having a number of potential powertrain options for the next-generation sports sedan is certainly a good thing.

The more compelling detail in the AutoGuide story is that the new IS F SPORT sedan will do away with the bumper separating the upper and lower grille — can’t wait to see what that looks like.

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