Next-Generation Lexus IS F Coupe on the Way?

Lexus LF-CC Concept

AutoGuide talked with Lexus National Marketing Manager Brian Bolain and discovered some very interesting details about the next-generation IS:

“A V8 engine will fit, you could make that assumption,” says Lexus marketing boss Brian Bolain, speaking of the new LF-CC Concept at the SEMA Show last week.

“Looking at everything from a 4-cylinder to an 8-cylinder will fit,” he confirms, but the V8 is the exciting aspect, foreshadowing an all-but-confirmed IS-F Coupe.

As for what this new IS will look like, the LF-CC is a clear indication. “It’s very indicative of reality,” says Bolain. In particular he points to the monoform grille, which he says will first find its way onto the upcoming 2014 IS F-Sport sedan.

There’s plenty of speculation here — just because a V8 will fit in the IS engine bay doesn’t mean it will be released. Still, having a number of potential powertrain options for the next-generation sports sedan is certainly a good thing.

The more compelling detail in the AutoGuide story is that the new IS F SPORT sedan will do away with the bumper separating the upper and lower grille — can’t wait to see what that looks like.

Read more about the next-generation IS at AutoGuide


  1. Aweeeesome! 
  2. If the LF-CC reaches showrooms as a V8-powered IS-F coupé my face will cramp up from smiling!
  3. So Krew I'd like your thoughts:  Is the LF-CC the prelude to an ISF Coupe, a GS Coupe or an all new model that slots between the IS & GS?  Will the BMW partnership play a roll in its handling? Lastly, your thoughts on the next generation ISF engine - V8 or V6?  Either way, I believe you've mentioned the coupe variant based on the LF-CC would not materialize for at least another 12 months.  
    • A 6 in an IS-F? lol
    • BMW consumers never thought the upcoming M3/M4 would ever shift from an 8 cylinder to the forthcoming 6 cylinder engine however BMW was able to provide greater efficiency without a loss of performance.  I love the ISF V8 (power & sound) however downsizing the engine could be an option to also gain greater efficiency.  In addition, BMW and Toyota have partnered to yield better engines, enhanced performance & share cutting edge technology. With that said, I'm curious about Krew's take. 
    • The improved handling of Lexus started way before the partnership with BMW : LFA, ISF and new 4th generation GS. All were developed years ago. The new GS for example has been winning handling comparisons compared to the equivalent BMW 5 series.
    • On controlled test conditions (For manufacturers MPG and CO2 figures) yes, however based on my real life figures from a 5L V8 ISF and a 1.8 Turbo MB the differences are just not worth the loss of the superb V8. I have seen a gain of about 20-25%, the ISF is remarkable fuel efficient for the size and performance, mainly due to the superb gearbox allowing a very good cruise. On short cold start journeys of about 5 miles, the 2 engines are even closer - possibly 10% difference (Of course try and gain some more efficiency poss with cylinder deactivation or something?) 
    • No, the handling has been improved since the LFA, trickled down into the GS and now the IS.  If IS handling improves, it won't be because BMW is their partner.
    • I outlined most of my thinking in this post: A quote:
      it’s possible that Lexus may do something similar by making this new coupe bigger than an IS but smaller than the GS — this would have the potential of appealing to both IS & GS buyers looking for a coupe, and it opens the door for a future coupe to sit between the GS & LS.
      I'm not really sure what Lexus is going to do with the IS F -- I have to think that there's one in the plans, and that it will retain the V8. I think it's a couple years away at the very least.  Either way, I'm not expecting a coupe until early 2016.
    • I believe the coupe will follow 12 months after introduction of 3IS sedan.
  4. Looks like the Spindle Grille will get an upgrade.  Full commitment...... BD
  5. I reckon Lexus will stick to their guns and use the current V8 unit in the next IS-F. I don't think they would bother developing another unit, given the cost. And since the day the current GS was revealed, we could all have guessed that the full-scale spindle grille is reserved for high performance vehicles. LF-CC is pretty much the preview of the next IS-F coupe. 
  6. where are they going to put the license plate? smack dab in the center of the grill, I presume.
  7. My assumption? Lexus won't be launching the IS-F for a while and I think the first one will be the IS C F. IS / F Sport will launch first then the IS C / F Sport then then the IS C F theeeen the IS F. I believe Lexus has been launching all its cars separately to study its customers and general reception. They need to know what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong so that they can then make required adjustments to satisfy the market. They can't take huge steps, waste R&D money and lose customers especially when the GS was almost axed. As for Lexus BMW partnership - that's a diesel - battery/hybrid partnership nothing else. I doubt BMW wants to share their handling knowledge and I definitely doubt Lexus would even ask for it. They're doing a great job right now and don't need to become sell outs or whatever ... :)
  8. If lexus builds this car as is (maybe except for the rear view mirrors) and with 500 HP, I will be the first to buy it.  Knowing them, they will probably jack up the spindle grill, kill the concept's stance with huge wheel fender gaps, and put the same lame engine every other car in the lineup has...