Hybrid Lexus LX in 2016?

Lexus LX Hybrid

According to Reuters, the Nikkei newspaper in Japan reports that Toyota will release hybrid versions of its large SUVs in 2016:

Toyota Motor Corp plans to roll out hybrid versions of its large sport utility vehicles from 2016 to prepare for tougher environmental regulations, the Nikkei reported, quoting sources.

The automaker intends to develop hybrid systems capable of powering such big vehicles, the newspaper reported.

Toyota plans to add a hybrid version of the Land Cruiser SUV to the line-up and introduce such versions of its international multipurpose vehicles, such as the Fortuner, designed for emerging markets, the business daily reported.

With the higher cost of hybrid technology, the Lexus LX should be an obvious candidate to receive the new powertrain — it will be quite an accomplishment to pull this off without affecting the characteristics expected from a large SUV, namely the off-roading capabilities and low-speed power delivery.

[Source: Nikkei via Reuters]