Hybrid Lexus LX in 2016?

Lexus LX Hybrid

According to Reuters, the Nikkei newspaper in Japan reports that Toyota will release hybrid versions of its large SUVs in 2016:

Toyota Motor Corp plans to roll out hybrid versions of its large sport utility vehicles from 2016 to prepare for tougher environmental regulations, the Nikkei reported, quoting sources.

The automaker intends to develop hybrid systems capable of powering such big vehicles, the newspaper reported.

Toyota plans to add a hybrid version of the Land Cruiser SUV to the line-up and introduce such versions of its international multipurpose vehicles, such as the Fortuner, designed for emerging markets, the business daily reported.

With the higher cost of hybrid technology, the Lexus LX should be an obvious candidate to receive the new powertrain — it will be quite an accomplishment to pull this off without affecting the characteristics expected from a large SUV, namely the off-roading capabilities and low-speed power delivery.

[Source: Nikkei via Reuters]


  1. I would love to see an LX600h. I see quite a few Cadillac Escalade Hybrids so I would imagine a hybrid LX would sell quite well.
  2. So This means the next LC and LX generations will be around 2015 Hope this time to see the LX a real competitor in design to the Range Rover And the LC300 or whatever it will be named to be as originally been created a luxurious sporty of roader or what now in land rover called range rover sport In this case the 2 will be more differentiated which will give the next Seqouia a great room to serve as the Escalled and Tahoe to GM, and after deleting the GX, the next prado can serve as the LR3 or the nowadays GX but at Toyota So you got the high luxury off roader - LX The luxurious sporty off roader - LC The American family suv - Seqouia The mid size luxurious off roader - Parado. Aka small LX The mid size luxurious sporty off roader - 4 runner. Aka small LC All will sell well then without all these intersections, and interference
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      LC is supposedly a luxury coupe not really an off-roader but I'm not really sure what you're talking about. Do you mean LC as in short for Land Cruiser or are you talking about the Lexus LC? GX is the rebadged Prado and they're basically the same car. LX is the rebadged and luxury version of the Land Cruiser.
    • LC as short of Land Cruiser
    • I want to say that Toyota is capable to do it A complete body on frame line-up Either by this plan I said or by deleting the LX from Lexus and create the Land Cruiser brand Just imagine a Land Cruiser brand With large SUV libe from luxury as range rover and Sport as range rover sport and full size as escalled and the pick-up And then the same on the mid for the luxury and Sport and the pick-up Just WoW It will left all the Toyota Corp name more and more, and the more beauty if they are really capable in road as they are capable in mud and deserts I Believe Toyota can make it, I Believe Akio have the passion to do it
  3. Its about time to bring on the big bad LX to hyrbid lineup. Definately needs more towing capacity than the RX450h. Also does this means there will be a Hybrid Tundra soon no longer a concept studies?
  4. Doesn't make sense. LC200 launched at 2008. 10 year redesign model tradition was the norm for land cruiser. Should expect new model in 2018. Could it be the pressure from recently released new Range rover? Last but not least, Toyota must learn from Chevy big SUV hybrid that fail miserably.
    • Not true. The 80-Series was replaced after 8 years, with the 60-Series running from 1980-1989. A major facelift arrived in 1987 parallel to the 80-Series design freeze. 100-Series development began in 1991-92, with a design selection in 1993-early 1994. Unusually, design of the J100 Land Cruiser was frozen early, circa July 1994. Meaning it was identical to the concept that was unveiled in October 1997 at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show and the production variant at NAIAS in January 1998. I've heard that the 100-Series may have been due in late 1996, but delayed in relation to the 1996 launch of the J90 Prado and complexities. An 80-Series facelift was delayed from late 1993 to January 1995. The 1998 Lexus LX470 design with four headlights, was approved at the end of 1995 (alongside the 1998 GS), as the 1996 LX450 went into production. Automotive product design usually reaches a climax in the middle of overall development and often parallels or closely trails predecessor facelifts. This can be used by the public to judge a vehicle's life-cycle. The current J200 designs were each frozen in 2005, after which their designs were chosen in 2004. 200-Series development began in 2002, as you had a J100 facelift(designed in 2001) in same calendar year of 2002 preceding that. Parallel to the J200 design process, a secondary stopgap facelift for MY2006, was designed in 2004 for a mid-2005 introduction. The Range Rover (L405) does not directly compete with the LX, as at JLR it is considered it to be in a class of its own. I shouldn't say this, but BMW-owned Land Rover utilized the 1998 Lexus LX470 as a benchmark for the L322 Range Rover (2001-2012) during development in the late '90s. The J300 platform is speculated to be due in 2016, but isn't the J180 Prado as well? Toyota usually employs a much longer design freeze lead time on their V8 models, SUVs and trucks of 24-to-30 months. It is not known whether the J180 or J300 is being referred to here.
  5. Just a diesel option on the LX would do nicely.
  6. XLC

    My Vote Would Be For A BlueTec Diesel Hybrid LX with Locking Differentials and No KDSS
  7. LX surely needs a V8 Diesel.Why are they taking so long? Hybrid will take alot of space for spare wheel.
  8. I wanted LX but hate petrol version. Ended buying Jeep Grand Charokee Diesel 2014 Overland. Land Cruiser V8 Diesel does not crack it.