Lexus Focusing on Two-Coupe Strategy?

Lexus LF-LC in Red

Colum Wood from Autoguide recently talked to Lexus USA national marketing manager Brian Bolain about the brand’s future plans for the LF-CC & LF-LC concepts:

Pointing towards the future, Bolain highlights the LF-CC and the LF-LC Concepts…

Bolain confirmed that the LF-LC isn’t yet confirmed for production, though the, “outcry has been tremendous.”

Two-door planning at Lexus does, however, stop with these two cars says Bolain. When asked if the Toyota luxury brand might consider an additional model, perhaps to compete with cars like the Mercedes SLK or BMW Z4, he commented that Lexus has no plans to, “flood the market with coupes.”

With one coupe sitting between the IS & GS and another coupe positioned at the top of the lineup with (or even above) the LS, Lexus should be able to satisfy the majority of drivers looking for a two-door car — anything more would likely overload the lineup.

One other point from the AutoGuide story:

Bolain also says that while Lexus has, “no timeline for the introduction of lithium ion,” the brand hopes to have it confirmed for when (and if) the LF-LC coupe makes it into production.

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