Updated Lexus CT 200h in 2014, Brand New CT in 2016?

Lexus CT 200h 2014 2016

In a recent interview with The Motor Report, Lexus Australia Sean Hanley confirmed that the CT 200h will receive a mid-cycle refresh ahead of an all-new model in 2016:

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley is refusing to admit defeat – or even disappointment – with the CT 200h baby hybrid.

“We see the CT 200h as our greatest opportunity,” Hanley said, speaking at today’s Lexus ES briefing in Sydney.

Hope is on the horizon however, with a facelift due in early 2014 ahead of an all-new model in 2016.

We can expect to see the updated CT 200h late this year or early next year, before going on sale around the middle of 2014 – likely with a new, lower starting price to combat the Europeans.

The timeframe was confirmed in a similar GoAuto article, who also suggest the CT may receive additional variants:

But Lexus says a mid-model facelift and repositioning are coming next year to make the CT200h more competitive against the sharply priced and fresher rivals.

In the longer term, a broader spread of CT models is believed to be in the offing at the next full-model change about 2016, possibly with a sedan to join the range to help global sales, particularly in the United States and China.

A Lexus CT sedan would require a significant reworking of the design in order to hold any real appeal — it brings to mind two renderings I created in 2010 of a Lexus CC (Compact Coupe) and CS (Compact Sedan):

Lexus CS 200h

Lexus CS 200h

Either of these models would help Lexus compete with the Audi A3, Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1-Series, and more importantly, would provide another model to help expand the brand’s position in the compact segment. Interested to see if there’s anything to this rumor.

[Source: The Motor Report & GoAuto]


  1. im adamant that a CT200t (with the new turbo 4) would fix everything. im not convinced that a sedan is necessary. i think people have less interest in the CT not because of the hatch or the size, but because it's a hybrid. if they really do kill off the ES, then a CT sedan makes sense. otherwise, the IS is all the sedan you really need. let the CT finally have a gas engine and this car will sell! would love to see: CT200t F Sport with 8 speed transmission adapted from the RX F Sport.
    • I agree very much so. Between the sluggish feel and hybrid regenerative brake feel I'll be yearning for a different engine. A CT200t F-Sport sounds killer to me!
    • I agree with you that the new 200t engine should be added to the line up, but what do you mean kill off the ES? Where have you seen that suggested? The ES is much bigger and more expensive than the CT. A CT sedan would compete with the 1 series and new A3. The ES is a class above that again so not really comparable.
    • there have been reports that toyota wants to kill off the ES to give that segment to the Avalon. an improved IS250 (with the turbo 4) would take the place of the ES. i think the CT should stay as a hatch only. imo the problem isnt the hatch but the hybrid. imo selling a sedan smaller than the IS will just set themselves up to fail. instead, keep the CT a hatch and offer the turbo 4.
  2. The thing needs some power. It has tuner potential but a stronger engine (gas) is needed to bring in the buyer that this car is geared towards. I definitely don't think a sedan is needed. Maybe a coupe and convertible, but not another sedan. But the hatch design is cool, IMO.
  3. Here it is, the 2014 CTh.
    • The CT is also very cheap feeling and they need to upgrade the materials inside. I owned one for 2 years. I had an IS previously. The CT doesn't feel like a Lexus to me. Doors are light feeling too. I understand this is for weight savings but it just makes the car feel cheaper. I think a sedan or a coupe would be good. The hatchback is fine but expand the style a little more.
    • Good summary… I agree with ALL of your statements Greg. I currently have a 2011 CT200h and am considering getting a 2013 or 2014.
  4. I expect a sedan variant for the redesigned 2016 model..... BD
  5. The CT with a turbocharged 1.6L putting around 200HP should do the trick. And a less boring design Lexus needs to seriously step it up. Enough of these Hybrids and CVTs etc. No one wants them and they don't sell!
  6. All those who are down talking the CT must never have owned or driven one. The CT has more than enough peep, expecially in Sport mode. This is an AWESOME car. I owned a 2011 premium CT, which was rear-ended. Wanting to try something different, I ended up purchasing an Infiniti Q50h. Boy do I miss my CT.... Although I love the flexibility of the hatchback in load carrying capacity, did not quite like the hatchback look. If I were to do it all over again, I would have gotten another CT.