Next-Generation Lexus IS F Planned?

Lexus IS F Next-Generation

Despite rumors of its cancelation, Japanese magazine Mag-X reports that Lexus plans to release a next-generation Lexus IS F after all.

The first mention that the high-performance sports sedan would be discontinued came last year in an article from USA Today — the debut of the RC F coupe and spy shots of a GS F sedan seemed to support the argument, as it appeared Lexus would replace the IS F with two separate models.

As the very first high-performance Lexus model, a next-generation IS F would be welcome news — Mag-X reports that development is proceeding a rapid pace, and with a possible debut sometime in 2015.

(The image above is a rendering from Mag-X, not a photo of the next-generation IS F.)

[Source: Mag-X Via: Club Lexis]


  1. They should make a next-gen IS F. They should continue its heritage since Lexus is lacking from car predecessors.
  2. The RC-F body kit is not working for me on the IS.
  3. Yes.Yes.Yes Akio is the best
  4. I really like the looks of an IS-F without the bulging hood like the one on that rendering.
  5. I mean the IS is like the BEST car in it's segment! and now Imagining there is the NEW ISF it's going to be PERFECT! I thought they said there isn't any PERFECT car?!
  6. quad axhaust and balge the hood. beast!
  7. Makes sence in my eyes when i see that e.g. BMW debuts a new M3 and M4 at the same time. Every Lexus model needs there own F Model.
  8. They honestly need to keep it! It was the car that started it all! How are you going to just kill it off like that? And (I know many people may hate me for saying this) if BMW can have an M3 AND an M4, why can't Lexus have an ISF AND an RCF? Besides, any thing BMW can do, Lexus can do better :)
    • PG

      Why Lexus can't have both F models? Pretty simple: the Lexus IS and RC combined don't come close to the sales and production volume of the 3/4 series. It is much harder to justify a small-volume high-performance model when you lack the scale of the Big Germans. But yeah, I would love to see Lexus getting more serious with their F marque and turn it into a whole range of products.
  9. Honestly, the RX should be the first F model, that outsells everything in its class. Lexus needs to be competitive and offer more F models, if this turns out true I'll definitely upgrade my 11 ISF.
  10. I knew the reports from mid-2013 of a TTV6 didn't mesh with the NA V8-powered RC-F prototypes testing at Nurburgring. This was also clouded by Lexus' referral to the IS-F on that topic and not the RC-F, which of course has a V8. It seems that the media took and ran with the IS-F coupe label on the subject, only backtracking when reminded of RC-F trademark filings. Launch date is perfectly acceptable, as BMW has yet fully launch the M variants for the F30 & F32, already 2 years since the F30 was launched in February 2012. I'm sure it helps with preventing an XE30 IS-F from being a benchmark to utilize for our own R/RS developments, which you will see the partial results of (hopefully) come August/September.
  11. We need to be sure we are always getting a Isf and rcf. Bmw owners always no of a new m3 without doubting if it's coming or not. Lexus needs to stick to a plan. They produce cars once then drop them. I could live with a rcf but a Isf would be a lot better with 2 kids.
    • I agree, who am I to say but it's essential. The germs are known for making performance cars and Lexus has mastered it. The ISF was a success, maybe sales were a bit low but with this new body style it will be a sure hit. merc has amg on every fricking car, why can't Lexus do the same on most models?
  12. If there's an M3 and M4, there can't be no RCF without the ISF.
  13. Lexus would be crazy to kill the ISF off... never believed it. The ISF has done wonder for Lexus and those that come in contact with one
  14. Damm that sh*t looks ugly. I feel like slapping someone at Lexus.
  15. i just bught my nex 350 f sport nooooooooooooooooooo bitches