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Lexus IS Owner Blog: I Hate Winter

Lexus IS Blog Snow

Earlier this month, my family had a fun night planned — my daughter was scheduled to dance at a dinner celebrating the birthday of Scottish poet Robbie Burns, and all week we looked forward to the event. Just hours before, a cold system swooped in and dumped a blanket of snow over the region. We couldn’t go.

Shortly after, while I was out on an errand run, some bro in a Ford F150 abandoned all sense, gunning around the corner of an intersection where I sat waiting at a red light. His tires lost traction, his truck pirouetted in slow motion, and the bed of his truck came inches away from my driver door. He jumped the curb, drove over the sidewalk and sped away.

Lexus IS Snow Wheel

Then it was more snow, and more snow. Walking to the car in a mall parking lot, I couldn’t find my gloves in any of the fifteen pockets of my parka. Fumbling, I slid on a patch of ice, my feet bobsledded under the car and I almost smashed my face into the side mirror.

Bad luck abounds, it comes in bunches. By pure accident, I was caught driving in a whiteout, the snow whipping across the car so badly I could feel the wind’s desire to push us into a ditch. I pulled over until the worst of the weather subsided, and I white-knuckled it home, never breaking 30 miles an hour.

Winter is here, and it sucks. No matter the vehicle, no matter the tire, no matter the tech, the dangers are real and ever-present. Stay safe out there, my friends.

Lexus IS Snow Blog

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Lexus IS Owner Blog: A Toyota Prius Interlude

Lexus Prius 2008 Review

A good marriage is about compromise, and my marriage is better than most. When my wife, Karissa, suggested that we switch vehicles for a change, there was no counter-argument — all things considered, how could I stand in the way of a woman’s quest for luxury and higher fuel costs?

Anyway, this should explain my decision to veer off-brand with a review of my current daily driver, the 2008 Toyota Prius.

As anyone that knows me personally will attest, I have an enduring vocal love for our Prius. This is an iconic vehicle, changing the industry with a cost-effective hybrid drivetrain and optimal aerodynamic fastback design. The revolution is now in the rear-mirror, but there was a time when the second-generation Prius was unlike anything on the road.

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Lexus IS Owner Blog: My New Dash Camera

Lexus Canada Dash Camera

Shortly after posting about the new Lexus Canada dash camera available in dealerships, I was contacted by their accessories group with an offer to install one in my IS 300 AWD. I agreed instantly, and just last week had it installed by Performance Lexus in Southern Ontario.

I did have a concern going into the install, in that the camera would be a possible obstruction while driving. This proved to be a non-issue, as the unit hides behind the rearview mirror:

Lexus Dash Cam Hidden

Installation did take a couple hours — the passenger side A-pillar and part of the roof had to be detached to make way for the power cable:

Lexus IS Torn up

My time to experiment with the camera has been limited, but the process of reviewing footage is interesting. Here is some footage on the default setting:

(There have been times in my life when a camera documenting my driving habits would be a bad idea, but fatherhood and a growing distrust of other drivers have turned me into a defensive and careful driver.)

More impressive is the amount of data that the unit recorded — GPS co-ordinates, speed, and even g-force can be reviewed using an app available for both computers and phones. Here’s the Mac software:

Lexus Dash Camera Dashboard

The entire setup is so well-integrated, and I could not be more impressed so far. I’m going to live with it a while longer before publishing a more detailed review, but early impressions are very positive.

(If this dash cam had been available last year when I picked up the IS 300, I likely would have used it to record our cross-country trip. Mounting a GoPro to the front windshield takes up a lot of real estate.)

This IS 300 AWD was made possible by the folks at OpenRoad Lexus Richmond, the premier Lexus dealership in British Columbia and a proud sponsor of Lexus Enthusiast.

Lexus IS Owner Blog: The ECO Mode Experiment

Lexus IS ECO Mode

In an effort to soften the blow of increased fuel costs and the gas-hungry nature of my 2017 Lexus IS 300 AWD, I have done the unthinkable. I have set my Drive Mode Select to ECO Mode exclusively for the past two weeks as an experiment.

As a reminder, ECO Mode smoothes out throttle response and acceleration while reducing overall air conditioning output, all to maximize overall fuel efficiency.

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Lexus IS Owner Blog: The Charm of Lexus Safety System+

Lexus IS 300 AWD Speedometer

One of the real revelations of my Lexus IS 300 AWD has been the Safety System+ (LSS+) — safety is hardly the most exciting part of owning a car, but this is a set of features that have transformed the way I drive.

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