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Akio Toyoda Profile

Admittedly, this is the third time in a row that I’ve linked to The Automotive News, but today’s profile on Toyota President Akio Toyoda is not to be missed — some choice quotes: […]Toyoda embarked on a quest to become one of the company’s top certified test drivers and its top car critic. That challenge […]

Automotive News Talks with German Lexus LFA Owners

Automotive News has some details on Lexus LFA sales in Europe: […]a third of the orders from Europe were placed in Germany. Lexus brought eight of those buyers to this year’s Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race in Germany to wine and dine them as two LFAs competed at the legendary circuit. Each buyer already had plunked […]

Behind-the-Scenes with Lexus @ 24h Nürburgring Race

It’s been a couple weeks since the Lexus LFAs competed in the Nürburgring 24h race, but I wanted to mention this great article from Hans Greimel of Automotive News, who spent the entire weekend with the Toyota crew. The entire piece tells an interesting story, but I really enjoyed reading about Toyota President Akio Toyoda’s […]

Sleek New IS Website from Lexus Canada

Last month, we saw behind-the-scenes footage for a new Lexus commercial featuring all versions of the IS — now here’s the finished product as part of a new IS section on the Lexus Canada website: Lots of energy to the site, and definitely worth clicking through — the video quality is just fantastic. Very sleek, […]

Lexus LS Recall Video Demonstration

Here’s a video demonstrating the steering issue that made the current Lexus LS recall necessary: All in all, this LS steering issue looks to be relatively non-critical — something that should be fixed and deserving of a recall, to be sure, but of minor importance to anyone outside of the affected owners. Still, good on […]

Interview with Hiromu Naruse, Chief Test Driver for Lexus

Lexus Magazine has a brilliant interview with Hiromu Naruse, chief test driver for Lexus, about his experience in helping develop the LFA: Lexus: What was it like to drive the Lexus LFA prototype the first time out? Naruse: I have to say, when I drove the LFA for the first time, it was scary. It […]